April 6, 2011

Happy Place

So I'm currently 38.5 weeks pregnant.

which means this kid is done and can come out whenever he wants too.

And considering last time at this point our house looked something like this I'm feeling pretty ready. Or as ready as one can get. My hospital bag is packed, a plan is in place for our daughter, we've talked to our friends/relatives about how we're going to spread the news once the baby comes*, our house is clean (M'FING CLEAN, actually. We even did the stove and I don't think we've done that since we bought it. 6 years ago.), and we're slowly checking off the list of random crap we wanted to get done beforehand. Such as getting my haircut:
10 months pregnant.
Yes. I am large. Whatever. I'm 10 months pregnant.  Also perhaps maybe I could have blow dried and styled it before taking a picture?  Or perhaps located some makeup?  Meh.
So really whenever this baby wants to come - now or two weeks from now - is totally fine. I'm actually in a really good place with that. To the point where I've refused an internal exam at my last 3 appointments. It's not going to tell me anything. It's just going to stress me out. Especially with a second pregnancy the numbers - what station you're at and how dilated/effaced you are - mean NOTHING. I could be 60% effaced and walk around like that for 2 more weeks. Or I could be 0% and have the baby tomorrow. Best to just say in a happy place of "he'll come when he's ready"
3rd trimester

Pic from the last ultrasound. We got no good face shots b/c Scipio's reaction to any type of poking at is to RUN AWAY AND HIDE. Clearly not following in the footsteps of his "namesake".
The only concern is that the kid is currently posterior. Which. DUDE. Again? But after 17 hours of unmedicated back labor followed by 2 and half of pushing last time I kindof feel like I can handle anything. Because seriously:

17 hours of unmedicated back labor**

If I made it through that I can make it through whatever this kid decides to throw at me.
3rd trimester
That is a kid in there, right?  I kindof don't see it.

So yeah. No baby yet. But we're officially ready and waiting.

*Hint: NOT on Someone else's facebook/twitter/mass email. Seriously. We have too many people that we'd like to call individually and news travels too fast on the intertubes for that to end well. And if someone I wanted to call finds out from some random facebook post? NOT COOL. Once we post it ourselves I don't care if people shout it from their own social media mountaintops but until then NO. Also and I think I'm kindof alone in this age of crazy social media exposure... but while I'm in labor I really don't want the state of my um... business... out there for the world to see and speculate on. Ick.

** Yeah the unmedicated part of that isn't some badge of honor.  I had an epidural.  They set it wrong.  I got NO pain relief.  And noone believed me b/c "there's only so much we can do for back labor".  It was HORRIBLE.  Finally the awesome nurse I had got the head of anesthesia in to see me and he figured out the problem and redid the whole thing.  Immediately I couldn't feel my legs and was able to handle rest of what was ahead.  But by that point I was already at transition and had been through the aforementioned 17 hours totally on my own.  FUNTIMES.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't see a baby in those ultrasound pictures. I'm sure he's a perfectly handsome little guy, but he looks kind of like a blob in there. :)

    Totally agree with your stand on the announcement and not posting the play-by-play. There are
    people who deserve actual phone calls. The rest of us can wait.

    I hope this delivery goes well. I'm looking forward to pictures and finding out what you decide to name him.

  2. Yep, Facebook people can just be patient. . .my stance was to never break ANY news online that was not MY news. . .

    Now, my kid broke the news on FB (totally out of excitement, mind you) before calling me. . .I forgive him. . .but I wonder if (hope) he will do it differently next time.

    Either way, stick to your guns, and do this your way. . .anybody gives you trouble about that, send 'em to me, and I will have the pointy sticks waiting for them!

  3. I'm with you on removing the social aspect from the delivery room (and the networking side of it too!).

    Here's hoping for a quick and easy labor! I think it is your turn for one. Can't wait to meet the little guy!

  4. You look fabulous! And since it's your family, and your baby, you decide how the announcement gets made. DaleAnn and I were just wondering yesterday if the little man had put in an appearance yet. :-)

  5. Best wishes Jeanne! Hope everything goes well! You're in my thoughts (and prayers)...and I'll be waiting for the announcement! All the best!

  6. Sending good thoughts for the easiest, quickest, most peaceful day. Right there with you with the lousy first time [will spare you the story because I remember being a magnet for others' stories!]. Mother Nature is a bitch. And she owes you one.


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