June 13, 2011

Hidden Gems

So I finally downloaded a whole memory card and a month and a half worth of photographs and amongst the pile of "seriously, you smile all the time. why won't you smile for the camera" pictures of the baby I found these gems:
I did not take them.
Why were they so upset? Where was I? How did Matt get her to put her arm under him while screaming like that? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

According to Matt: I knew you'd find those eventually and be really amused.  Yup. Highly amused.

And somehow posting pictures of kids screaming seemed all too appropriate after last night. I don't really have anything to add to the conversation that wasn't said much better in this article:

LeBron’s failure warms Cleveland’s heart

"The distaste for James didn’t come solely from the desperate...to suggest as much is to miss the entire point, to insult the entire region"

EXACTLY. In any case it was good to be a Cleveland fan today (for once).


  1. Lori on Little Traverse Bay6:52 PM

    Maybe it's the HOT Ohio weather. Or perhaps you didn't tell them the Heat lost? ; )

  2. OK those pictures are hilarious! Surely not how they felt last night after the Mavs win!

  3. OMGosh! I have heard that the redheads are hotheads. . .look at them! lol

  4. Hey, Pretty Knitty, I resemble that remark!! ;-)
    I love the kid pictures, even the crying ones. Too funny that your DH waited for you to find them on the camera.

  5. Cheri9:36 AM

    I have the exact same photo of Matt and Joel lying on the floor screaming! I'll bring it next weekend . Looking forward to seeing everybody!


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