June 21, 2011

It goes so fast.

So. I was prepared for the whole newborn phase to go by in a blink. Not a problem. In fact it's a damn good thing it goes so quickly b/c there's only so much sleep deprivation anyone can take.
Yes.  Yes she does.
Pictured: A child who sleeps through the night in his own bed.  AKA Not a newborn anymore, thank God.
And I tried to prepare myself for the thing everyone told me would happen with my first born. That she would instantly transform into this ginormous kid the second I laid eyes on the newborn. That I wouldn't have patience for how big she was and that she would seem so, SO different.

Those last few weeks I tried to force myself to remember her being small, remember her being a baby, before she wasn't. But you know what? That didn't really happen. She was still a little toddler and I really didn't know what everyone was talking about.

If anything it was the newborn that was odd. Impossibly tiny and fragile. He was the one I didn't know and didn't understand yet.
And then over the next few weeks she Grew Up.

No really. Somehow while I was distracted and sleep deprived she turned into this kid:

She has 5 new teeth since he was born. Including her molars (yeah that was fun).

She has the tail on too.  Of course.

She's measurably taller and her 2T stuff finally fits.

She's potty trained.

She no longer has her own little language. Yeah there are still some things I have to translate but not really.  Pretty much anyone can chat with he now.
Chatting and coloring with her buddy.
She speaks in whole sentences that make sense. Subject Verb Object type sentences. And uses pronouns correctly (most of the time.) It's no longer NEEEAH It's I and You and We.

We have whole conversations now. To the point where she *might* not speak in all caps anymore.  For example it's no longer just JUICE.it's "I have Juice Please?"
 And she really taken to the role of Big Sister. She took it seriously from the very beginning:
Helping him get dressed to go home.  In the outfit she bought for him.
Leaving the hospital.  I thought she would want to ride with me.  Nope.  She wanted to help push b/c she?  Is a Big Girl.
Always with the helping.
But now it's all the time. "I help you. I help mommy."  "No. I do it." Or the phrase that she's been wanting to say since she was born:

"I do it myself."
Such a good big sister

And she just... looks like a kid. Her face has lost that baby roundness.
I'm not the type of mom who freaks out about my kid growing up  To be sad that the next phase is starting or any of that.  But when you take a step back and look at the big picture of what can happen in just a few weeks.  Let alone a few months.  Or a few years:
Sweater knit by my grandma
May 2009.  Same age as her brother is now.
It's pretty damn amazing.


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Awwww what a lovely post! Your daughter is so beautiful and wow - what a great big sister.

  2. Aww so sweet! What a great big sister!

  3. oh lord.. tears. lots of them. i AM that mom who gets all wishy washy as they move from phase to phase. it really really really is amazing. also, i'm THAT friend who gets wishy washy to see her friend's baby turn into a big girl before her eyes. <3 nidea <3

  4. Oh honey, I am so with you on this one. Obviously a 'few' phases ahead of you but I went from having a kid to having a young man in the matter of a few months not too long ago.

    Amazing but I got teary-eyed too. . .

    The kids are gorgeous and Nidea is absolutely stunning!

  5. Love this! I'm the same way about phases in kids' growth, but when you juxtapose them like that--WOW!

    You all seem to really be enjoying yourselves. :)

  6. caroleb7:47 AM

    Just wait until she becomes a wonderful mom with beautiful children of her own....


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