June 30, 2011

Ok but what about the yarn?

So yeah my kids are cute and all but the question I know is on everyone's mind is:


And the answer is...soonish. Honestly I thought Destination Yarn be fully functional and up and running again by now. Yeah. I underestimated how thoroughly outnumbered I would be with two kids. But I did ship off a big package to Yarn Cravin' ... and I have started dipping my toes into the whole dying thing again:
It was a good day.  #Happy
And really it didn't feel like the Fourth of July without dying up some America the Beautiful:
America the Beautiful
it's a tradition.
America the Beautiful
A really, really pretty, and rainbow-y tradition.

America the Beautiful
And this year I dyed it up in my new, previously unlisted on Etsy, base yarn "Letter".
America the Beautiful

So just to get the ball rolling I put a few skeins of that limited edition loveliness up on Etsy along with a few other fun summer colorways.
Other than that I'm working towards the Ohio Fiber Day at River Colors on July 16th.

Here's the blurb from their newsletter:
River Colors is hosting Destination Yarns and the Fiber Network to revisit (in some cases) and introduce you to a wonderful group of local fiber people. The Fiber Network are members of Ohio Proud and want to encourage you to support Ohio-based yarns and fibers. Destination Yarns is local dyer, well known for incredible colorways and River Colors is proud to have Jeanne back to sell her locally dyed yarns. As a team, we are hoping that everyone will then spread the word about our awesome local fiber resources. Join us on 7/16 where you can choose from yarn, roving and raw fleece from a variety of animals, including alpacas, goats, sheep and llamas. In addition, The Fiber Network has some expert dyers who are happy to share their dye process. Come meet our local people, learn about the importance of local yarns in the fiber world and celebrate our area!
I'm super excited about it! I think I'm going to try to have some sortof drawing for a spectacular door prize for anyone who shows up wearing a finished object made with Destination Yarn.  A little peer pressure might motivate me to actually finish that Citizen Shawl I started in Girl Scout Camp:
Citizen Shawl
Citizen Shawl
Unfortunately, though, the etsy site will be pretty bare-bones until after this show. I just don't have the depth of inventory right now to do both.

Someday, though, there will be yarn.  Lots and lots of pretty yarn.

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