June 11, 2011


So. I finally, FINALLY got the birth announcements in the mail. I think people probably got them today so I thought I'd share some of the outtakes.  Because to get one semi-usable photo where both of the kids look... sane... there are a billion that look like this:
Is she winking?  What?
Or this:
Redfaced angry baby.  Awesome.
Or this.
Screw it.  I'll use clipart or something.
Yeah. Noone was happy that day.
She's crying b/c she didn't have creative control over their outfits.  Seriously.
Perhaps I should have just used a picture of the dog.  She's pretty cute.
In the end - with some creative photoshopping - I think it turned out ok.  But I can only imagine what I'll have to do for this year's Christmas card. I'm guessing candy bribes will be involved.
Bitch, Please. (I tried so hard to caption this with something less cussy but... no. This is her "Bitch, please" look. No way around it.  She's 2 and has the death glare of a teenager.)

So anyways here's the final card.  Meh.  Could have been worse, I guess.  At least he looks adorable.

Initially Yours Blue Birth Announcement
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  1. Anonymous3:17 PM

    The outtakes are adorably hilarious. Love the final product! Very cute!

  2. Such a beautiful family!
    Don't you just love Shutterfly.

  3. So cute! and no one will ever know how much trouble you went through to get there! Well except everyone who reads your blog, but who's counting right? By the way candy bribes are the way to go!


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