July 11, 2011


So the other day Matt sent me an email and all it said was Jeanne!!! with this link:

Pixar's New Movie.

Yeah. I'm not sure if they planned it this way but Pixar's next movie is about my child:

Blue-eyed little girl with crazy, curly red hair who is BRAVE? Yup.  That's her!

Her name is even insanely close - Merida.
Once upon a dream.
 Dancing with her BLACK LEEOW ONKEY to her current favorite movie:  NIGHT NIGHT GIRL.
And Brave is a word that is very important to her. Throughout the whole purple leg ordeal she was so, SO brave. Braver that I was that's for sure. She would tell me "BRAVE STICKERS XRAY." Meaning I got these stickers for being brave during my xray. So we've already planned that this will be her first theater movie. I can't wait!
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