July 27, 2011

I Baptize you...

So it's Wed and I"m still recovering from this weekend. What a great Big Party Day! I'm still floored when I think about all of the people who came and where they all came from. Our son is one lucky little dude to have so much love in his life. Some of the highlights:

Us with the Godparents:
072411 001

Just the Godparents:
072411 005

Our little family. It's an equally terrible picture of all of us but whatever. We're all there and dressed up so we'll go with it:
072411 009

My favorite Ladies. Many, many miles were traveled to get this photo. I appreciate every one. Best friends ever:
072411 032

Immediate family. By this point the toddler had sat through both a mass and a baptism so everything was starting to come unraveled:
072411 036

My grandparents. Have I mentioned how lucky my kids are?
072411 038

The ceremony went well. There were 3 other kids baptized that day so it was kindof hectic...
072411 010

The priest commented on how cool his hair was several times. Even called him "little dude" which is our nickname for him. Awesome.

072411 019

The party went well, too.  We were so worried about the heat that we had my dad bring over the industrial fans from his shop.  It worked great and noone ended up too melty.
072411 039
072411 048

Our little dude got pretty melty in his suit though:
072411 061
072411 084
It was originally worn by my father.  But a little too hot to keep on all day.  So he changed into something a little cooler:

My uncle said he looks like a bookie. Heh.

I think that any party that ends with a pile of kids and dogs running crazy is funtimes.
072411 110
072411 141 copy

There's even more pictures over on Flickr but I think that's enough for the blog.  One more for the road:
Overall it was a really great day!


  1. OMG. I looked through all the photos on Flickr. I'm not sure I should laugh or be utterly embarrassed by the one of Seth grabbing himself and squinting as if in pain. Thankfully, it was redeemed by the super cute photo of Nidea with her arm around Seth. LOL!

  2. You have a beautiful family, and those cheeks on the "little dude" are amazing. Makes me miss my kids from when I was a nanny.

  3. What a special day for all of you...and he is a cool little dude. Love the hat! Father Duke said our wedding Mass many moons ago!

  4. How nice! Love the picture of him in the hat...

  5. Beautiful, as always! You are so blessed... :)


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