August 3, 2011


So my life right now is all about constant motion taking care of the 2 (3 if you count the dog) dependants. Someone always needs something and I rarely get a second to breathe. But. There are moments when everything is perfect. They don't last long and usually the time it takes to take a quick cell phone picture is all I get. But they are AWESOME moments...

Sewing in her fancy dress.
Kid is into fashion. No denying that. And this day she played with her little sewing machine, and the baby slept long enough for me to get some serious work done in my studio. Times like that - when both kids are happy and I'm working - make me feel like I can do it all.

The pool is so awesome...
This one was great. Sitting in the zero depth part with my baby who LOVES the water in my lap while the toddler played in the water feature. Goodtimes. I need to look at this picture next time I don't feel like going though the crazy amounts of prep-work getting everyone to the pool happy requires.

Peeking out:
Watching the fence go up.
Days when we have to stay home all day can be rough days. Not going to lie. Bored, stir crazy kids are not happy kids. But the day the fence went up both the toddler and the dog spent most of their time watching what was going on. Super cute.

Knitting outside:
Knitting sunburn while getting sunburn.
Getting a sunburn while knitting with sunburn? Awesome. It lasted for one half of one round but that half-round was possibly the most pleasant I've ever knit.

Lazy Rainy Day:
Lazy rainy day.
All three of them on the couch together? Crazysauce. Then the baby pooped and the dog and toddler started chasing each other around in a whirlwind of fur and red hair. But how cute are they when they are all sitting still?
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