October 4, 2011

3 Things Disney related

Thing 1: Disney on Ice. So thanks to KaKaKaKaty Matt and I took our little girl to Disney on Ice.

Disney on ice  

Disney on ice
It was pretty amazing. Disney certainly doesn't do anything half-assed and this was no exception. Ridiculous from the perspective of a 2.5 year old and pretty enjoyable as an adult, too. Especially from the seats we had:
Disney on ice

Although seeing something like this as an adult brought up so, SO many questions. Like how do you get into the Ice Show's game? What career path led them here? And how often does this cast have to travel? And learn new choreography? Or do they recycle past shows? And who did this guy piss off:

Disney on ice
Yes. That would be a costume that requires the skater to skate on all fours. Amazing and awful all at the same time.
Matt and I had a ball speculating about these things. And I think I showed great restraint in that I made it to the second act before making a toe pick joke.

Disney on ice
The ice was way to fascinating to look away from even for a picture.

 Thing 2: Brave.  On Friday we had our daughter's 6 month follow up for her broken leg. She had to have another x-ray and go through another doctor's appointment. Which she is rightfully pretty terrified of. But she once again was BRAVE and handled the whole thing so well. No tears, no fits, just stiffened her lip and got through it. And we got the best news we could get:

Her leg is perfect. We never have to worry about this ever again.

We celebrated with an impromptu trip to the zoo. Totally unplanned, totally unprepared. On the way home from the doctor I said to her, "we should go somewhere fun to celebrate. Maybe the zoo?" She responded in the same tone and inflection that I use when someone asks me if I want a jack and coke:


I did a u-turn and we went immediately.

Spontaneously went to the zoo.  Insane.
I had no idea we would end up at the zoo today! This is crazy! And my leg is all better! BEST DAY EVER!!!!
Ok that one wasn't all that Disney related except that it once again shows that their next movie is about my child.

Thing 3: Maleficent for Halloween. My daughter decided waaaaaay back when that she wanted to be Maleficent for Halloween. They don't make Malificent costumes in a 2T and my sewing skills aren't that impressive.
Ok.  Now picture her with crazy curly red hair.  And as toddler.
Stay tuned!

Edited to Add:  Thing 4.  THIS:

Her new princess shoes w my new book.


  1. Wbat a fun post! Stopped by from SITS. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Did you knit that green shrug? Looks awesome! I also love the photo of the kids at the zoo - they look so happy!


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