October 13, 2011

6 months.

So today is the little dude's six month birthday. 6 months

And once again I'm having trouble finding the words.  Watching him go from being so tiny and sleepy to this:
6 months
Well. It's been pretty amazing. He’s turned into this fun little person with his own personality.

He's super curious and wants to interact with and grab at anything and everything.
6 months

He's a chatty boy who vocalizes all the time. His main sound is squawking like a little bird but other sounds are starting to come, too. He tells whole stories and has long conversations with anyone who will talk back to him:

6 months He has quite the temper. Gets immediately red-faced angry when he drops a toy or when something happens that he didn't expect. He gets done with things just as quickly as he's interested in them. And once he's done with a toy he is DONE.

He has a clear sense of humor - certain things just crack him up. Peek-a-boo? Slays him every time. Even if it's played by his sister running into and out of his view. And if you tickle his tummy or blow on his face you will be rewarded with lots of giggles.

6 months

He likes to play rough - already being thrown around for rough house with daddy.
6 month birthday 6 month birthday

And sometimes his doggie:
6 month birthday
And when his sister pushes him around in the walker or bounces his bouncer he shriek giggles. So does she.

His likes and dislikes are also abundantly clear. Likes: grabbing at things, water, bathtime, bouncing, standing, bananas, rocking, wind, and his robots blanket. Dislikes: any food other than bananas and sometimes peaches, being frustrated, tummy time, and having to stay up past bedtime.

His favorite thing in the whole world, though, is water. He LOVES the water. Bathtime, being hosed off after a meal, the beach:

IMG_6298 copy

Yes. We put his bumbo seat in the waves. He was the happiest kid in the entire world that day.

And did I mention he hates tummy time? Well now that he's figured out this rolling thing he just refuses it. You put him on his belly and this happens:

6 months
6 months
6 months

Which makes him very pleased with himself.

6 months

And not to compare to his sister too much but he is such a different kid. Especially where bedtime is concerned. Most nights he goes down with out any fuss of problems. Unlike someone else who we were already deep into cry it out and all of that by now. However the problem comes when he has to stay up late. Dude DOES NOT LIKE being up late. He freaks out and the only solution is laying him down - preferably in his crib:

6 month birthday
He likes his crib.

So yeah. Life has been pretty overwhelming these last 6 months. But pretty amazing, too.


  1. He is so cute! You never tell from these pictures that he has a temper.


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