October 29, 2011

A bag of Tulle and Wine.

So I've seen the new sew tutu tutorials all over the interwebs before and I figured that it would be the perfect quick 'n dirty Tinker Belle costume.

And after the Maleficent debacle I needed quick 'n dirty.

So I showed up at my friend's house for Knit Night (a group of my girlfriends gets together once a month and "knits" aka drinks wine and eats pizza.) carrying a couple packages of elastic, my tulle stash, and a giant bottle of wine with no other plan then I NEED TO BE DONE WITH THIS OMFG PASSTHEWINE.

The result?
Jennifer got a new hat.
Good use of a knit night.
I think I need to roll with tulle and wine everywhere I go from now on.

Without turning this into too much of a tutorial - because seriously there are SO MANY of these out there.  Google "new sew tutu" and you will be INNUNDATED.  Here's what I did:

I cut the 1/2" elastic into a 21 inch length.  I figured my daughter has about a 20" waist and I wanted some overlap.  Then I safety pinned it into a circle.  Probably sewing it would be better but whatevs.

Then I cut the tulle into 4" strips.  Since cutting tulle makes the baby Jesus cry I cheated and rolled the tulle into tubes first.  Then I cut those tubes into 4" pieces.  It doesn't come out perfect but it is SO quick and easy.  (hey there's a video for this already online!  Check itout.)

Then I put my elastic around a stand-in toddler waist:
What.  you use what you've got.
And looped the strips of tulle over the elastic in a slip knot (the same video shows this)

I kept going until the pizza got there and the result was pretty darn awesome:
No Sew Tutu No Sew Tutu
I even had enough tulle leftover to make my friend's daughter her very own tutu:

Now I kindof want to make one in ever color of the rainbow.  And one (or 7) for myself.  

No Sew Tutu
I'm not totally convinced it's going to work for Tinker belle, though... I have something else in mind for that.  Yes.
No Sew Tutu
My mommy is insane.


  1. tulle and wine? sounds like a blast! :) so, what ended up making the final cut?

  2. So cute!

    I would need wine to get through a project like that!

  3. Those are so cute! My boss and I think you should be selling them on Etsy along with the died yarns!


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