October 27, 2011

Maleficent for Halloween.

So a few months ago Sleeping Beauty was on in the background while my toddler and I were looking at her photo album.  This picture from last Halloween came up:

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And so I asked her "what do you want to be for Halloween this year?"

She responded without missing a beat: MALIFICENT.

And so it began.  From then on any time I asked her about Halloween she said definitively:  MALIFICENT HALLWEEN.  Later it expanded b/c when I asked her what her brother should be she told me BLACK BIRDIE.  Because, of course.  Maleficent sidekick is her black bird just like my daughter's sidekick is her brother.
Riding around the living room in a laundry basket is WAY more fun with a sibling.
 I was ALL OVER this costume idea.

Of course I decided to make these costumes because they don't exactly make Maleficent in a 2T.  Also I'm insane like that.  So we went to the fabric store (still one of her favorite places to go) and she vetoed the fleece I picked out "NOT VERY SHINY." in favor of this:
Shiny fabric, over a month to make the costumes, and an idea that was both hilarious and awesome?  Totally on top of this Halloween thing.


I made this wonderful, lined, spectacular, shiny Maleficent coat:



And she refused to wear it.  What the what?  I didn't think too much about it and continued to make this awesome hat for her brother:

And we had so much fun putting it on him and getting him to crow like a bird.

Hilarity all around.

But she still wouldn't wear the coat.  Finally I resorted to bribery and got her to put it on thinking once she was in it we'd be good to go:

Halloween preview.

And then that night she had nightmares.


Awesome.  I win at parenting.


And just to rub some salt in the would my son grew out of the birdie hat less than a week after I made it for him.

Now she's saying that she wants to be Peter Pan because HE A NEEAH (Neeah is how she says her name and what she calls all redheads.)
I never noticed Peter Pan had red hair before.
The baby she wants to be Tinker belle.  Right.  I think I convinced her to switch - her as tink and baby as pan but still...

I'm less than a week away from our first costume event, I have out of town guests coming this weekend and therefore no time to work on this, and I refuse to just go buy a costume because I'm way to far down this path to turn back.

I'm going over to my friend's house tonight with a bag of tulle and wine.  Hopefully this will result in a Tinker belle costume and not just a hangover.



  1. I think the Maleficent robe looks great, but you never know what's going on in their little heads.

  2. Seriously! I thought she was into it... I guess it looks a little too much like Maleficent...

  3. Leslie7:34 PM

    I love that she calls all redheads Neeah! I may start doing that myself.

  4. I can go to Disney tomorrow and price out those costumes

  5. I can't believe how little N looks in last year's photo. Ah!
    I'm going to have faith that the costume you put so much effort into will get used...even if it's next year. :)

  6. Oh, the memories! When she's away at college you'll tease her about this :)

  7. Isn't that just like a redhead for ya? I grew up with redhead's, twins - Jean and Joan Stranahan, who lived down the street. They were ever so opinionated about EVERYTHING, it seemed like. Hopefully she'll grow to take on a few personality traits that are more like "the dude's"... chill. As in chill, please, sometimes... right? Because that's how all of us kids in the neighborhood felt from time-to-time
    about "the twins". Crazy redheads!

    Anyway Jeanne, I wish you a wonderful, wonderful day today as the SITS Featured Blogger. Have a blast!
    PS Don't forget to share some of it with the friend whose house you took off to, with the tulle and wine!

  8. You did an awesome job on the costume. My son always changes his mind so I just wait till Halloween is real close. Btw, I liked you on FB as my page and as myself :)

  9. Ha! That sounds just about right! Hope you ended up with smiling kids ... regardless of what they ended up being! :)

    Visiting from SITS :)

  10. So true! Love it! I think the costume looks amazing! :) Came over from SITS.

  11. I'm sure it was totally frustrating ~ but man I love that your daughter knows what she wants!

  12. What beautiful hair. I hope she treasures it all the days of her life. My best friend had auburn hair and I was envious from around age 6 to the end of junior school - lucky for me (because how long can envy last) we had different high schools, and so we lost touch.

  13. These kids. They are sooooo moody. And so fun. We dress up as family generally, and it is one of my favorite things in the world to do, but I'm always nervous that the elder Frat Boy will change his mind at the last minute and send the best laid plans throttling toward disaster.

    Hope it worked out, and I'm very jealous of your mad sewing skillz.

    Happy SITS DAY!


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