November 30, 2011

Three Stories - Wordful Wed

So a couple of weeks ago I did a Wordless Wednesday (and looking at those pictures still makes me smile)... today I thought I'd try the opposite and do a Wordful Wednesday.  A post with no pictures - very odd for me.  And kindof hard for a visual person like myself to do...  It's fun to experiment, and makes me think about the blog in a new way which is always good...Anyways!  I give you:

Three parenting stories that were too long to fit into a tweet:

So Matt was home sick yesterday with the death cold that has our entire household at a standstill.  With the prospect of bedtime looming I punted for dinner and made a Chipotle run.  Of course my daughter wanted to come with me.  I didn't want to bring her but couldn't explain why so threw her in the car anyways.  This was the car ride home:

"I want my tia (tortilla)."  "do you have my tia mommy?"  "can I please have my tia?"  "where's my tia."  "Is my tia in the front seat?"  "Can you give it to me?"  "But I want to eat it NOW."

Oh.  That's why.

But the Chipotle love isn't limited to the 2 year old.  Her little brother?  Whined between bites because we couldn't get the black beans into his facehole fast enough.

Honestly sometimes I think my kids are just my Id running free.  I totally wanted to tear into my burrito in the car and eat it as fast as humanly possible.


This conversation happened the other day:

"Take this book, Mommy, because it's for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is over.  We past it."

"yup.  Past it.  It's Christmas time now."

"Not yet.  Not Christmastime yet.  Almost.  I have to clean my room then we can put the Christmas tree.  And I haveta ask Santa for the Frog Moonie Moonie, and a Beauty and the Beast Book, and some New Crayons, and I haveta say Please."

So she has that all figured out.

I ordered all of the items on her list that night.


A guy cut me off and stole my parking space at the store the other day.  I was IRATE.  He waved.  To which I showed great restraint considering I have two kids in the car and responded:

"Wave?  Really?!!!  Wave!!!  Yeah I have a finger to wave at you, buddy."

"What finger, Mommy?"

Uh huh...


  1. Hello I am visiting from SITS… I love all your stories. But I do hear your third story very well… I am sorry… I do love your etsy store I am knotter so I will keep in mind...

  2. oops! I ment to say knitter...


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