December 21, 2011

My Mom's Memory Card.

I'm sorry, mom.  I had to.

So.  My mom does not have what she calls the photo gene.  She takes terrible pictures and doesn't ever think to do it since my dad is a straight up photographs in jured shows photographer.  Anywyas she accidentally left her camera at my house after visiting santa yesterday and I thought it would be super funny to download her card.

It also could end in disaster.

I figured/hoped that most of them would be of my children.  But you really never know.

Here's what I found:

my mom's memory card
This pic is from November 2010.  So we're to assume that she a.) hasn't downloaded her pictures and b.) hasn't taken enough pictures to fill a card in OVER A YEAR.
Then we have exactly seven pictures from my brother's wedding (Dec 31, 2010).  All terrible and all for some reason cake related: my mom's memory card my mom's memory card

Then inexplicably several images of the gargoyles in her backyard.
my mom's memory card
Maybe she was trying to be arty?

Then some of my daughter doing a craft at her house.  Including this awesome:

my mom's memory card
I will paint ALL OF THE THINGS.

Then two pictures that I can't believe I"m even posting:

my mom's memory card
Taken on March 18.  Oh so pregnant and my daughter's leg was oh so broken.  But we're at the zoo!  Having fun!  On the phone with a doctor's office!  Sigh.

my mom's memory card
I don't... i can't... wow.

Then a few from her trip with my grandma.  I posted the group to flickr b/c I know my mom will never share them (or even download them, I guess):

my mom's memory card my mom's memory card my mom's memory card

And then, finally, a few really fantastic shots of their new dog:

my mom's memory card my mom's memory card
After that it was me using the camera so I won't include them in this.  Nothing nearly as fun as the last time I downloaded a mystery memory card.  But still pretty amusing.

Tomorrow?  Actual Christmas related content!  Yay!


  1. You are so mean!! See if I let you use my camera the next time you forget yours!

  2. Ha!!! Just teasing mom!!!

  3. I think she liked the gargoyles mohawk!


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