January 16, 2012

The last 48 hours.

So.  Wow.  Where to begin.  The last 48 hours have been insane.  How 'bout I start at the beginning.

Sat morning we decided to take advantage of the snow and take our kids on a sledding adventure.  I crowdsourced twitter for ideas on where to go and the overall recommendation was the Westlake Recreation Center.  Done and Done:


I also found this awesome website for all of your Ohio sledding needs.

Superfuntimes sledding.  But as things go we left the hill with both kids completely melting down and hungry.  So we made the grave error of stopping at KFC for some quick 'n easy lunch.

Bad Idea.  But I"ll get to that.

So we ate our lunch, laughed at how much our daughter went crazy over the popcorn chicken (clearly she is not very familiar with the ways of fast food.  I intend to keep it that way), and went on with our day.

Later we dropped the kids off at my parents house for a night of fun with the grandparents.  And I got to dust off (literally) my cocktail shaker and make myself one of these:

The Perfect Citron Cosmo.

Matt was feeling a little under the weather but I gave him the SERIOUSLYMANUPWENEVERGETOUTEVERAAAAH. Speech and away we went.  Bad Idea #2 but I'll get to that one as well.

So we met up with some of our friends at the Church Bar - which, totally recommend if you're looking for a "mix" bar in Cleveland.  Superfuntimes.  Couple of thoughts:  If you order a Citron Cosmo with the disclaimer "I know this is SO 2005 but..." you will make fast friend with the bartenders.  Also watching Tebow get his ass handed to him was extra super fun at a "mix" bar.

Somewhere during the night Matt decided that he REALLY wasn't feeling well (DANGER, WARNING, DANGER) and left me to fend for myself / make lots and lots of new friends.  And Oh did I have a ball.  I got to find out what a "mix" bar was from the manager  ("A bar where everyone feels welcome." "So, like, a bar."  "Well more welcoming than that."  "So one with alcohol?"  I am a bit slow sometimes), challange the bartenders to their cosmo making skills earning myself a free one in the process, and compare iphones with a group of gay men (Grinder.  DUDE.).  Which resulted in many of these:
photo.JPG photo.JPG
I consider it a monument to my self restraint that I only posted one random filmstrip of my new BFF's  to facebook.

Eventually I made it home.  The second I walked in the door it hit me.  I remember at one point thinking 4 martinis in 5 hours does not equal worshiping the porcelain god drunk.  It equals thinking you're fantastic drunk.  And I am too fantastic to be this sick.  Plus why is Matt puking in the other room?  There's something wrong with this picutre.

I'll spare you all of the puking in stereo details of the next few hours but suffice it to say both of us ended up in the hospital with a serious case of food poisoning.  And my poor parents got to relive what it's like to have a sick and puking toddler. Luckily the little dude was spared the horrors of the situation.


Which means 2 things:

It was the popcorn chicken.

And I will never, ever, EVER eat KFC ever again.

So yeah.  That happened.  Thankfully we're all on the mend now.

Feeling better
What a crazy weekend.


  1. Anonymous3:22 AM

    And then I bet you were reminded why your kids don't get to eat fast good much. Ick...That's just awful.

  2. So glad you are feeling better...and so sorry you had to go through that. Yuck.

  3. EW that is a super bummer! (at least you didn't get sick till you got home??? and still had a fun evening)

  4. Jeanne: I am so sorry to hear about this --hope you are all better now!

  5. Sandy W8:19 PM

    Sorry that you had to have that experience. I will have to starve to death if KFC is the only food around. I had my bad time with their food many years ago. Never again! Glad you're all doing better.

  6. Oh ugh, that sucks. Was it the Westlake KFC at Detroit and Columbia? I've never had a good meal there (never gotten sick though). It's like the worst KFC in town.


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