January 19, 2012

Making Friends.

A blog about blogging!  And facebook!  What could be more intersting?  And when I tweet the link to this I will have created a turducken of social media!

So I"m doing this thing via the Secret to Success is Support Girls called 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.  I'm only on day 4 but so far it has inspired a few changes around here.  Meaning... drumroll...

I actually, finally have an About Me page!

Crazy that.  I also have added some fancy tabs at the top to try to organize my content like a grown up blogger would.  They need some work.  The blogroll especially needs some help.  But it will get there.

Also fun an exciting and all of that....

Life in Cleveland now has a facebook page!

Not sure what I'll do with that yet.  Probably just post updates there when I update here.  In case you like to get your blog feed on that way.  Please like me?

Speaking of begging people to like me... The day 3 challange was to find a blogging buddy.  I'm a little fuzzy on what that means but I'm guessing it's someone who you can hang out with and watch crappy reality tv.  Or you know... help promote each others blogs.  One of the two. And then I realized that the latest post up on my blog - the first thing all of these new people who were assessing if they wanted to be friends with me or not would see - was a post about me making a drunken fool out of myself and then getting food poisoning.

Right.  I win at social media.

Fortunately 3 bloggers wanted to play along with me.  So in the spirit of being a good blog buddy here's a little bit about them:

First is Amanda over at Raising Miss Mommy.  She blogs about raising a baby girl.  Her latest post about a parenting bucket list really got me thinking.

Next is Billie over at The Unexpected Mother.  She has two little boys and considering that she mentions Kaluha in her About Me paragraph I have a feeling we're going to be BFF's.

Finally is Kisha over at Untagged Seeds.  This blogger freaked me out because SHE IS ME.  No seriously.  There are two of us.  She was an architect, went on maternity leave, and then never went back, has a fiber-related Etsy site, was a charter member of APX at her school, and lives on a Great Lake in the rust belt.  I read her profile outloud to my husband and he thought I was talking about me.  Yeah. 

So Yay for making new friends!  And double Yay because tonight is Project Runway.  I can't wait to see what my kid thinks of it!

She has red hair!! We match!
She wants me to make her Madeline doll a fancy skirt.  Seriously.


  1. I'm always winning to support a Cleveland girl! I'm going to have to check out the SITS Girls site...that looks great. And a blogroll....oh yes, I need one of those. I'm so behind on these things!

  2. *blush*
    I've found my net-twin, we could trade about-me pages.
    Hey are you as Sagittarius too?

  3. Nice! One day, if my life ever comes back to me, I will have to look into some of those update-y things. For now, go YOU!

  4. Thank you for the shout out! Love making bloggy friends :)


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