January 20, 2012

Project Runway Recapped by a Toddler

Ok so.  This weeks installment of What My Toddler Thinks about Project Runway is admittedly much less fantastic than last week's amazing.  She was out partying too late last night and is a bit cranky today.  Plus I made the error of allowing her to see some of the sewing room portion of the show.  Which meant she was no longer interested in watching dresses because she wanted to make one of her own.

This mainly involved cutting up pieces of yarn and then holding them up to her stuffed animals saying "What a pretty dress"

The second the show was over she begged me to go upstairs to my studio where she wanted to draw and then sew.

My sewing machine may be a toy but I can out design any of you people.  Have you seen my squirrel-y dress?

Anyways!  On to her commentary:

..... (She had nothing to say about this dress whatsoever.)

It's kindof a Malificent dress... kindof... I don't like this dress.

It has alot of lines.

Where's the rest of her dress?

 That's pretty silly.

I don't like this dress.

Oh wow!  Look at her Hat!  (and then she went and put on a tutu)  It looks like a hat!!!

That dress has some things on it.  I like her crown.  That's a beautiful crown!

 It looks like a touchdown (football jersey).  She has some boots on!  She needs a coat and a hat on.

That's pretty awesome.  It's so shiny!  I like this dress.

She looks like big bird!

So the shiny dress was her clear favorite.  And I'm just going to go ahead and say that her lackluster commentary was because of the lacluster dresses.  Nothing was all that amazing this week.  I actually did like Mila's dress as a dress but now that my daughter has called it a football jersey I can't see anything else.  The fabric completely looks like football jersey fabric.  Crazy that.


  1. Love this! Little kids always have the best things to say!

  2. I showed the dresses to my DD (2.5 yo) the only one she likes sai anything about was the first one. Which I kind of like too. Too bad for the football Jersey one because that's all I can see too.


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