February 17, 2012

February is for Finishing - Contest #3

Hey All!  So this contest post is a bit late in publishing... I've been fighting a migraine all week so I'm basically behind on everything...  But!  There are still fabulous prizes to be had!

February is for Finishing Prize Package #3: Collaborating is Cool.

So this week's Prize theme came about because all of these prizes were donated through collaborating on something unrelated to February is Finishing.  All of these lovely ladies wanted to play along with me on this, too.  Yay!  Also this is the package with the yarn.

First up, in honor of our new Warm Up Your Wellies Boot Liner pattern, is a sewing pattern from Clever Charlotte:

The Raven Hoodie and Pants is stylish on either a girl or a boy plus the Hoodie is reversible!  I can picture it in all sorts of adorable fabric combinations.

And since Destination Yarn and Clever Charlotte seem to go so well together I am adding a skein of Frozen Great Lake to this prize package:
This colorway has thus far only been available at trunk shows or through sock clubs so not many people have it.  Also seems fitting considering this is a February contest and all (even if there's no way the lake is going to freeze this year).  Stay tuned, though.  I will be adding some of this to the etsy site soon!

Next up is is this fantastic mug cozy from my blog buddy Kisha:
Her Etsy store Little Crafts and Other Things is filled with beautiful handknits like this. Really beautiful, high quality pieces - I especially like the lace scarves.

Finally is a $10 gift card from Kristan's shop Polished Design (and on Facebook Here):

Her printable digital artwork would look fantastic in any home.  Plus they can be printed as many times you want in whatever size you want!  She also she does custom announcements and invitations which are also completely adorable and modern.

Here's the linky to enter (full list of rules and additional ways to enter are at the bottom of the post):

Happy Finishing!!!

Full Entry info and Contest Rules:

Every project that you finish in the month of February can be a new entry into one of these contests!  It doesn't have to be knitting or sewing related.  Anything creative that you started before February will count.

To enter post a picture of something you finished in February to the linky in this post.    It doesn't have to be on a blog - flickr, facebook (hint you can find a link to share a gallery if you go to that gallery page), ravelry, will all work.  If you leave the url portion of the linky blank it will give you an option to upload an image from your own computer.  That's fine, too.  You must also include an email address so that I know where to contact you if you win.

If you finish something made out of Destination Yarn you receive an additional entry per project.

To receive an additional entry per project:  Link back to this site wherever you post your picture.  (again blog, facebook, flickr, ravelry, wherever.)

To receive another entry per project:  Tweet the project and a link back to this page.  Include @Sourire11 so that I know that you tweeted it.

So for every project that you finish you can earn up to 4 entries into a contest! 

The linky will be live until next Thursday at midnight when I will close it out and pick a winner.  Then the next day I will post the contest for the next week with it's own linky.

Happy Finishing!!!


  1. Yay! I've been wanting Frozen Lake Erie.....

    Also last night I may have bought fleece and some yarn to make liners for my Wellies I just got! 6PM has some great deals going on Wellies, mine were like $22!

  2. I don't think I have anything I started before February that I'm going to finish before February ends, but that yarn is GORGEOUS! I grew up on Lake Erie, and I may have to stalk this colorway until it becomes available to the general public....

  3. Ashley W8:49 PM

    What a fun contest! I just finished a pair of socks I started last January. Sorry that my thumbnail isn't working... I'm trying this on the iPad (I also spelled my name wrong!)

  4. Wow, fun contest. Here's my Skinny Flower Scarf


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