February 28, 2012

February is for Finishing - Contest #4

Gah!  So I meant to post this on Friday as per usual but a combo of out of town guests and head colds pretty much ended that plan.  Better late than never, though, right!  And since I'm late posting it I'm going to extend the contest until this Friday.  So a couple of days into March as a bonus to finish everything up.

Anyways on to the last week of fabulous prizes!

Lake Michigan Treats Prize Package 

This package of delicious treats was put together by Lori - a fellow Great Lakes Enthusiast:

The photographs are mine but this wonderful package of deliciousness includes:
A loose Tea set, tea mesh ball, and honey from Light of Day Organic Teas
Grocer's Daughter Chocolates (Holy, yum, batman)
Cherry Berry Nut Mix, Chocolate Covered Dried Red Tart Cherries from American Spoon
Cherry Berry Spoon Fruit, Black and Blue Spoon Fruit from American Spoon
Tart Cherry and Wild Blueberry Nibblers from Just Good Chocolate

Seriously amazing package.  All of it is local to Michigan - specifically Little Traverse Bay.  I'm such a sucker for local food.  Also Chocolate.  Thanks so much, Lori!!!

Crafty Goodness Class
The second prize is from the store Crafty Goodness in Lakewood, Ohio.  I love this store and I love what it's doing for the crafting community so I"m thrilled that they wanted to play along:
This prize includes a beautiful fused glass necklace and a voucher for a buy one get one free class.  Here's there class list so you can see their many offerings.  Lots to choose from in lots of different mediums! Anyways because obviously this prize is only applicable for people who live nearby if you want to be entered into the drawing for this one please put CLE after your name.  You will still be entered in to win the Lake Michigan Prize Package as well!

Once again this linky is open until midnight on Friday, March 2!

Full rules listed below.  Yay for our last contest!

Full Entry info and Contest Rules:

Every project that you finish in the month of February can be a new entry into one of these contests!  It doesn't have to be knitting or sewing related.  Anything creative that you started before February will count.

To enter post a picture of something you finished in February to the linky in this post.    It doesn't have to be on a blog - flickr, facebook (hint you can find a link to share a gallery if you go to that gallery page), ravelry, will all work.  If you leave the url portion of the linky blank it will give you an option to upload an image from your own computer.  That's fine, too.  You must also include an email address so that I know where to contact you if you win.

If you finish something made out of Destination Yarn you receive an additional entry per project.

To receive an additional entry per project:  Link back to this site wherever you post your picture.  (again blog, facebook, flickr, ravelry, wherever.)

To receive another entry per project:  Tweet the project and a link back to this page.  Include @Sourire11 so that I know that you tweeted it.

So for every project that you finish you can earn up to 4 entries into a contest! 

The linky will be live until next Thursday at midnight when I will close it out and pick a winner.  Then the next day I will post the contest for the next week with it's own linky.

Happy Finishing!!! 


  1. OH maybe I'll finish my heather hoodie vest before Friday!

  2. WooHoo! I got to enter one! WooHoo!

  3. quite beautifull FO ...


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