February 9, 2012

My kid's thoughts on Project Runway Plus a Story.

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter the first February is for Finishing contest!  There's not too many people entered yet so your chances to win some fabulous prizes are pretty good!

So.  I have NO choice in my daughter's clothing.  Haven't for a long time.  Every morning I tell her to go pick out what she wants to wear.  And she goes to her room and lays out an outfit complete with underpants and socks just like a stylist would do.  Sometimes she even adds accessories - sunglasses b/c it's pretty bright out.  Or a neck-a-lace b/c it's very sparkly.  And if I leave her to her own devices for long enough she'll head into her brother's room and do the same for him.

Packing for Florida

If I really get distracted by something this happens:
Dressing her kitty.  I can't make this stuff up.
Anyways tomorrow we leave for our annual trip to Florida (don't worry I have my prize post for this week ready to go up tomorrow!).  And my kid has been... hesitant.  And by that I mean saying things like I'M NOT GOING TO GO.  I finally got it out of her that she's afraid of the plane.  Well then.  Makes sense.  So today I got out a giant bag of summer clothes that Michelle gave us hand-me-down.  I told her that it was too cold out for them here but she could wear them in Florida.  And that her Nonni would probably love to see her new clothes.

She then spent the morning doing this:

Packing for Florida
Running commentary:  "It's warm in Florida so maybe you could wear this?  Or maybe that looks better.  That looks so good on you!  It matches.  Oh that's too many things.  We have to try something different.  That looks much better.  I think you need a neck-a-lace.  That's so cute!"
And she told me "I want to go to Florida NOW and maybe we could just leave so that I could wear My sparkly flamingo shirt."

I guess all she needs to get over a bit of anxiety about a new situation is some new clothes.  Got it.

Anyways!  On to what you're really here for.  Her views on Project Runway:

I'm trying to decide if she has pants or a skirt.  Ooooh she has a ball on her head.

Oh I like that because it has sparkly parts.

I don't see a shirt.  Mommy, why she doesn't have a shirt on?  Maybe her daddy didn't tell her that she has to wear a shirt.

What's that?  Is that a cape?  Why she wants to wear a cape?  Oh it has pockets.

 WOW.  She has ALOT of chapstick on.  

I can see her panties!  It kindof looks like a Sleeping Beauty dress but she forgot the skirt part.  Maybe she'll put it on later.

She looks pretty neat.

....  She had nothing to say about this look until it was shown side by side with the dress that inspired it.  Then she said:  Oooh I like that dress much better.

I don't like those shorts because them don't have flowers on.  I have shorts with flowers on.

 And her overall thoughts on this week's Runway:  Why didn't they make any pretty dresses?  They should make some more dresses.  With lots of sparkles.



  1. I read this, laughed out loud and there may have even been a snort or two. Keeping my fingers crossed she gives us a rundown of Oscar fashion! (I'm totally stealing the new tagline "Oooh she has a ball on her head".)

  2. Awesome! I glad my nieces clothes helped her get ready for her trip! Hope you have a great time!

    I love her commentary! It makes me laugh every time!

  3. From the mouths of babes! Someone should tell her to put a shirt on.


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