February 14, 2012

A Warhol Dress for Valentine's Day

So first of all the very first winner in the February is for Finishing contest is Emily!  She won for this lovely entry:
The pattern is called the Straightforward Mitts.  Love!  I may need to make a pair of these myself once Feb is over...
I will be contacting you soon to get you your prize package!  There is still plenty of time to enter this week's contest.  I was thrilled to come home from Florida and see all of your entries.  Can't wait to see what you guys finish next!

Anyways!  On to something that I finished... A Warhol Dress:

Warhol Dress for Valentines Day
I actually started this dress for my daughter to wear for last Valentines Day.  It's up-cycled from two of my old stained t shirts.  Unfortunately last year the day before V-day she broke her leg.  And then so many other things flew off the rails.  And then I had a baby.  Needless to say I never finished this dress.  Never even wanted to look at it again, actually.  I even associated the dress with all of the bad juju of that time. 

Warhol Dress for Valentines Day
That's silly, mommy.  You know what's not silly?  Wearing a Valentine's Day dress with a Halloween Neck-a-lace.
As part of this whole Feb is for Finishing deal I wanted to get rid of any of these bad vibes projects.  Even if that meant scrapping them. But this one seemed to still fit her so I finished it up and actually kindof love the result:

Warhol Dress for Valentines Day
I told her to strike a pose and this is what she did.
 The pattern is the Warhol Dress from the Made Blog.  I seem to be going through a phase with the made projects.... huh.  Anyways from what I remember it was super simple.  I used the same ruffles from this skirt and think it's a super cute bottom for the dress:

Warhol Dress for Valentines Day

I'd love to make one of these again in a slightly bigger size... i think I have a striped shirt that needs upcycled somewhere.  Hmmmm....

My fav thing ever!  #valentinesday
I am one lucky girl, btw.


  1. Wooooo! I've been going nuts checking your blog since Monday morning :D So excited!

  2. Congrats, Emily!
    And way to go with conquering the bad mojo, Jeanne! The dress and the "pose" are great!!!

  3. That dress came out so cute!


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