March 13, 2012

Butterscotch Trifle Recipe and Thirty Two.

So after Feb is for Finishing was over (emails have been sent to the last week's winners!) I immediately and completely dropped into a pot of dye. 

How my daughter learned about rainbows.  #color #handdyed #yarn #knit #rainbow

Really pretty dye:

I'm having s bit of a love affair w purple and green #knit #yarn #handdyed #color

Good thing I had some help getting ready:

What you didn't put this here for me to play with? But I like this yarn and want to keep it.

Destination Yarn had a fantastic show at Yarn Cravin'

And somewhere during all of that we also celebrated my husband's 32nd birthday:

Celebrating 32 at b spot
We had a lovely celebration as a family at B-spot burgers which - a-maz-ing.  We've been trying to get there forever but needed an occasion.  My only complaint?  We didn't load up on enough tony Packos on our first trip through the pickle bar.  Also that I didn't think of putting booze into milkshakes sooner.  Seriously rum in a milkshake?  Heaven.

My daughter's reaction when I asked her the question "So what do you think of this milkshake with dinner thing?"

The girl and I also made my husband a delicious trifle:


It's butterscotch.  Which is one of my husband's favorites.  Because he is an old lady.  But since it was way more delicious than a werthers I thought I"d share the recipe with anyone else out there who is into butterscotch.

What you need:
Box of Yellow Cake Mix (and stuff required to make it.  Usually 3 eggs, some water, some oil)
Box of instant Butterscotch Pudding (and stuff required to make it.  Usually 2 cups of milk)
Tub of Whipped Cream (if it's frozen stick it in the 'fridge for a few hours to dethaw)
Bag of butterscotch chips (I used about half a bag)
Rum.  Maybe.

Bake the cake in 2 round cake pans:

Make the pudding.
Allow the cake to cool completely and the pudding to set completely.  Then layer in a trifle dish:

1 of the round cakes (I cut it up into wedges first)
1/2 the pudding
1/2 the whipped cream
Butterscotch chips to taste
I attempted to chop the chips.  It did not work.  At all.
Then repeat the layers:
the other round cake
remaining pudding
remaining whipped cream
Butterscotch chips to taste.


Super delicious, super impressive looking, and super simple.  It tastes very butterscotch-y.  Which led to a discussion that it might be missing something... but we weren't sure what.  My mom in her wisdom suggested rum.  AWESOME IDEA.  So if I were to make this again (and was in a situation where I knew my kids wouldn't be eating this) I would pour rum over the first layer of cake.  Enough to soak it completely.  Then add on all of the layers.  I imagine that cake would be beyond delicious.

tasty even without the rum
Happy Birthday, Matt!


  1. Ohhhh...I wish lactose didn't hate me...that trifle looks amazing! Yummm!

  2. Glad to see your back! And your new yarns look absolutely yummy!

  3. all that BEAUTIFUL yarn! i'm jealous - and your dye looks awesome. i haven't dyed yarn in forever!

    i want to try b-spot - it looks/sounds delicious

    and yum! the dessert looks delicious - mouth watering!

  4. Glad you finally made it to B-Spot. It's one of my husband's favorites, for a lot of reasons, but mostly b/c they can cook a perfect medium burger. I'm currently off the booze wagon since I'm 26 weeks pregnant, but hopefully our little one will enjoy going there in the future! (sjn821 on Rav)

  5. the trifle looks great, but I love the yarn. What could I knit with those yummy colors.

  6. LaNouchette (sur ravelry)8:02 AM

    Nothing appears in my mail box... i'm not the happy winner ...
    But your triffle looks exellent, i'll try it someday !!!
    Thank you !

  7. I myst be a little old lady...this looks great! I featured this on my site today :)


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