March 15, 2012

Spring! Outside! OUTSIDE!!!!!

So.  I am straight up useless as an adult the first few nice days of spring.  I completely lose the ability to focus, be productive, do anything except for "LET'S GO OUTSIDE!!!!!"
Yes, even this post was written outside.  I have lost my damn mind.

Back in the day this used to manifest itself in sitting on the porch of the APX house drinking frozen yummy drinks with friends and then attempting to argue that "It's to nice outside to work" was a valid excuse to turn in assignments late (it totally worked, btw).  Then it was convincing half my office that it was a way better plan to spend the afternoon playing Frisbee instead of working.  And making ridiculous purchases for our garden.  Now my brand of spring fever looks like this:

Or this:

First picnic of the year.
First picnic of the year.  The dog couldn't believe her good luck.
Or this.

So cool Carter's makes shirts w her pic on them.
So cool that Carters makes shirts with her picture on them.
 We've eaten an alarming amount of pb and j crackers, have no clean laundry, and are basically living in squalor.  But!  Outside!
Evening neighborhood stroll.
And on the day we reached a tipping point and I promised my husband I'd at least get to the grocery store this happened:


Which means that this happened:


There's nothing more fun than the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on a nice day.

Checking out the koalas with her binoculars.
The binoculars were a HUGE hit that day.  As was my friend's collapsible wagon.
Even the lion agrees:

The lion has the same expression on his face as my dag gets when sunbathing.. @clemetzoo #sunshine #zoo #happyincle
He has the exact same look on his face as my dog gets when sunbathing.
Honestly the first sunny above 70 day of the year really should just be a National Holiday because noone is getting anything done anyways, right?

Today I did manage to attempt to solve the laundry problem but then the brief morning rainstorms were over and we were back to this:

Baby in a hat!
Baby in a hat!  Also this child is determined to get as dirty as possible.
Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal...
You didn't really think he could be the only one with a kicky hat did you?
This year my Spring Fever is particularly bad.  Probably because I am looking forward to this summer more than I've ever looked forward to a summer ever.  Because let's break down my last four summers:  Pregnant/Sick, Had a Newborn, Pregnant/Sick, Had a Newborn.  So this summer?  The summer with a toddler (assuming he starts walking in the next couple of months) and an almost-preschooler?  When I don't need a giant diaper bag, or to feed a kid every 2 hours, or to worry about blowouts and spitup, and nursing in public? Is going to be the BEST EVER.

While I typed that paragraph she attempted to teach her brother to hula hoop.  She doesn't know how to hula hoop herself.  Causing both of them FITS OF GIGGLES.
However every night this week I put my kids to bed tired in the way that only comes from hours of fresh air.   I think that means I'm doing it right.


  1. I totally agree on spring. We take the preschoolers outside almost as soon as they get to school and it's so hard to decide to go back in!

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Kids need to be out. Heck we all need to be out. Just hope summer doesn't kick everyone's butts with high temps. Helen

  3. Looks like a ton of fun! Your kids are SO cute!

  4. I wish, wish we had weather like this here in Dublin. We couldn't even venture out to the zoo on St. Patrick's Day this year it was too cold.


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