April 2, 2012

Buried Treasure Everyday Treat

So I'm really excited about this opportunity from COOL WHIP Whipped Topping to talk about everyday treats.  We're big fans of dessert in this household.  I try to have something sweet for us just about every night.  Something about having a little treat after dinner really just finishes the day off right.

Also thanks to a certain series of books my daughter is going through a whole EVERYTHING MUST BE FANCY!!! phase.  And there's nothing fancier than dessert.

Hidden Treasure Desserts

HOWEVER. I am awful at baking. (It's possible that I'm actually just terrible at following directions.)  So I'm forever looking for ways to turn simple things into fancy treats that even I - with a 3 year old helper - can't mess up.  COOL WHIP Whipped Topping is perfect for this.  For example:

Hot coco with a spoonful of frozen COOL WHIP.  It both cools it off and makes it extra fancy.

Hidden Treasure Desserts Hidden Treasure Desserts
Strawberries with COOL WHIP.  Probably my favorite dessert ever.

But the reason I was really excited about this opportunity is that it gave me an excuse to try out a recipe I've been wanting to make with my daughter.  This one is straight from my childhood when I thought this was the about the Coolest. Thing. Ever:

Buried Treasure Fancy Treats (because even everyday treats in this house must be FANCY):

What you need:
COOL WHIP Whipped Topping
Package of chocolate pudding
Milk to make the pudding

Step 1:  Make the pudding.

Hidden Treasure Desserts Hidden Treasure Desserts
Hidden Treasure Desserts

Step 2:  Put some of the pudding at the bottom of a cup.

Hidden Treasure Desserts

Step 3:  Put some COOL WHIP Whipped Topping on top of the pudding in the center of the cup.

Hidden Treasure Desserts Hidden Treasure Desserts

Step 4:  Hide the COOL WHIP with another layer of pudding.  Be careful to get around the sides so that none of the COOL WHIP shows from the outside.
Hidden Treasure Desserts

Hidden Treasure Desserts
There's one cup for each member of our family.  She made a point to even make a little one for her brother.  Adorable.
Step 5:  Work really hard to keep the secret

Hidden Treasure Desserts
There's a really fancy surprise but I can't tell daddy because it's a secret.  SHHHHH
Step 6:  Almost fall out of your chair giggling with anticipation waiting for daddy to find the COOL WHIP surprise inside.

IMG_8333 copy

Step 7:  Find the surprise yourself and get really excited about it.

Hidden Treasure Desserts

Step 8:  Enjoy!

Hidden Treasure Desserts
Dude.  Whatever this is?  AMAZING.
I think it's safe to say that we'll be doing this again.  I remember making this for company and using wine goblets for the glasses.  I thought that was about the neatest thing in the whole world.  I'll probably try that next time we do this to make our Buried Treasures even more fancy!

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  1. Baking was never my strong suit either. I would rather just cook. Cooking is an art, you can improvise, but baking is a science. Either it is perfectly measured or it's crap! BTW totally making this with my daughters!

  2. I am totally the other way! I love baking, but it has taken me years to be on speaking terms with cooking. It looks like you both had fun with it though!

  3. So fun! You are so good about involving N with the baking of treats. I often invite S to help me out (with much anxiety) but he usually loses interest until spatula-licking time. Looks like a yummy, easy treat! Dude=adorable.

  4. sooo super cute! I love the anticipation of waiting for daddy to find the treasure...giggle!


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