April 27, 2012

Lake Erie Love

So this week at Life in Cleveland has been pretty insane, huh.  Guest blogging!  My first ever book review!  Tons of new followers!  OH MY.  This little blog is growing up.  But.  While I welcome all of these new opportunities this is still going to be my space to occasionally be random.

So how about some Lake Erie Love?

Those of you who have been around awhile know that my dad is a photographer.  Which is awesome because then I get to share with you fabulous photographs like this:
Lake Erie in Winter.  This is one of my all time favorite photographs and is the basis for my header.
And ones like this:
Us on Easter.  WOW.  I have got to get my hair under control.  It's starting to look like a competition between me and my kid for craziest hair and that is not a good personal style philosophy.
He's also a fisherman and loves Lake Erie more than anyone.  No really.  He loves it enough that he has become a licensed captain and is now running fishing charters out of Edgewater (Here's the link to his site:  Peerless Charters):
You should totally join him on his boat this summer for a charter.
He loves the lake so much that on Monday when there were gale force winds and everyone in their right mind was taking cover he went and photographed it:

Lake Erie in Gale force winds

Lake Erie in Gale force winds

Insanity, right?  But amazing photographs:

Lake Erie in Gale force winds

He wasn't the only one who had this idea:
Lake Erie in Gale force winds

But something tells me his images were the best.
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