April 9, 2012

Planting a Garden

So this year I'm hopeful that I can actually have a garden.  I used to plant all sorts of things.  But the whole pregnant/newborn cycle of the last 4 summers has totally derailed that.  Also last year we had our yard fenced in which meant that halfway through the growing season we tore everything up.  Before that we knew it was going to happen so we did nothing.   It basically looked like our house was abandoned.

But!  This year will be different!

At least in the back yard where I"m already excited to watch new things bloom:

I like all the yarn drying in the background!
Our new Cleveland Pare tree for our Cleveland Pair.  My fav detail is the yarn drying in the background.
I'm trying to include my kid in as much of this as possible.  Watching things grow just teaches so may good things - patience, that food comes from the ground not the store, responsibility.  So on either side of their tree we planted a blueberry bush.  One for each kid:
They LOVE blueberries.  And can eat an alarming amount.  This poor bush doesn't know what's coming.
I also let my daughter pick a bunch of flowers from the grocery store:

Really with this weather it was only a matter of time.....

And the other day we got our seed starting on:

My kid planted some seeds today!
She helped plant all of these.  Even though it involved getting her fingers dirty.  This was, of course, an issue.
 Since then we've been checking every day and finally overnight this happened:


She is So. Excited.


I can't wait to actually put them in the ground with her!


  1. It is amazing to watch things grow, which you are well aware of having children ~ they sprout up as fast as the flowers. Looking forward to seeing your yard in full bloom soon!

  2. I wish so much that I could have a garden! I have a HERD of deer in my backyard that eat absolutely everything. I have a giant herb pot on the deck and some flowers in pots - but they've eaten the thousands of dollars worth of flowers and shrubs I planted. I can't wait to see what you have blooming!! Cosmos are one of my very favorites. And love how you are involving the kids!


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