April 22, 2012

Spring Rainbow of Yarn

So you guys I am super excited to finally be debuting a brand new line of semi-solid colorways from Destination Yarn!

Rainbow of Spring Colorways Celebrate Spring!  This series of semi solids celebrates the bright, vibrant colors of spring.  Perfect for knitting outside in the sunshine!  Each skein is kettle dyed for deep, intense colors with enough subtle variation to show off patterned stitches well.

Each colorway is dyed to match a shade of spring. Which for me meant either a spring break style drink:
Daiquiri (2)
Daiquiri:  Bright strawberry pink of a frozen daiquiri.  Yum!
Peach Schnapps 02
Peach Schnapps:  A lovely bright peach.  This shade of melon orange is one of the most fashionable colors of 2012!
Margarita 02
Margarita:  A bright, icy, lime green.  The exact shade of a frozen margarita!

Or a flower that blooms in spring:
Daffodil 02
Daffodil:  Pale through Bright yellows of daffodils.  One of my favorite flowers! 
Blue hydrangea 02
Blue Hydrangea:   The light, sky blue shade of these lovely flowers.
Lilac 02
Lilac:  A lovely periwinkle purple.
hyacinthDK 02
Hyacinth:  A purple/fuchsia reminiscent of spring blooms. (this is the colorway that I used to knit the Warm Up Your Wellies pattern)
All of these beautiful new colorways are currently available in both Postcard and the Souvenir bases at Destination Yarn.

And in case you're wondering what happens if you throw all of those lovely colors in the dye pot together:

Celebrate Spring Awesome is what happens.

I have two skeins of that pastel rainbow named Celebrate Spring on my Letter base available.  But I'm going to guess they will go pretty quick.

This marks the beginning of posting a whole bunch of new colorways.  I'm very happy to be at the dye pots again and am enjoying creating something different!

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