April 24, 2012

Two Trifles for Tasty Tuesday

So today I'm doing a guest post over at Raising Miss Mommy.  She does a Tasty Tuesday recipe every week and today it's my Snickers Trifle:

Snickers Trifle

Apparently I have developed a reputation as being the One Who Brings Trifles and these are now requested anywhere I go.  Including guest blogs. Which also means lots of dinner party invites.  Some of them even include bounce houses:

Bounce House Inside!
Bounce House Inside!
Setting the bounce house up inside so that the adults could eat trifle and drink wine in peace while the kids ran themselves ragged?  Best. Idea. Ever.

And whoever invites us over next gets to try a version with melted frosting inside.... just sayin'

Anyways! The alliteration of naming the posts Two Trifles for Tasty Tuesday was just too much for me to resist. So how about a recipe for a Strawberry Trifle?

Strawberry Trifle

What You Need:

  • Box of Devil's Food Cake Mix (and stuff required to make it.  Usually 3 eggs, some water, some oil)
  • Box of Instant Chocolate Pudding (and stuff required to make it.  Usually 2 cups of milk)
  • Tub of Cool Whip (if it's frozen stick it in the 'fridge for a few hours to dethaw)
  • 2 Containers of Fresh Strawberries (you could get by with only 1.  They were buy one get one that week and the kids ate ALOT of them while I was assembling the trifle)
  • Strawberry Sundae Topping (you could skip this if you want)
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
Strawberry Trifle


Bake the cake in 2 round cake pans (or whatever configuration.  The cake pans are just easiest for assembly but don't really matter in the grand scheme of things)
Make the pudding.
Allow the cake to cool completely and the pudding to set completely.
Slice up a good amount of the strawberries leaving a few for garnish and snacking.

Layer in a trifle dish:

1 of the round cakes (I cut it up into wedges first):
Strawberry Trifle

Strawberry Topping:
Strawberry Trifle

Sliced Strawberries:
Strawberry Trifle
Chocolate Pudding:
Strawberry Trifle
Cool Whip:

Strawberry Trifle
Chocolate Chips:

Strawberry Trifle

Then Repeat the Layers:
Chocolate Cake:

Strawberry Trifle
Fresh Strawberries (I eliminated the sundae topping for this layer because it just seemed like too much.  It was a good move and I would probably eliminate the topping altogether the next time I make this)

Strawberry Trifle
Chocolate Pudding
Cool Whip

And then garnish and make pretty with the chocolate chips and some strawberries:

Strawberry Trifle
The end result is super impressive and very fancy (my 3 year old daughter's favorite word):

Strawberry Trifle

Please to enjoy! And thanks so much to Amanda for hosting me today!
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