May 17, 2012

Crowdsourcing my Color Affection.

So this post is just blatant crowd sourcing but I really need your opinions.  I seriously cannot make up my mind about this shawl:

Color Affection
The problem. aka addiction.  aka Color Affection.

See it all started with this hat:

Hat brim.... #knit #knitting

I had some leftovers from my Chartres Socks and a skein of Mulled Wine that was kicking around and I thought they would be a lovely combo.   I planned on making a simple slouchy hat.  Perfect idiot knitting.  Perfect sample of a few of my colorways.

And then I took said knitting to my knitting group:
Stripes!  #knitting #knit #yarn #destinationyarn #handdyed #hat

And they told me that combo would make a pretty Color Affection:
And then the next day I went to River Colors to meet the Yarn Harlot.  She showed me her Color Affection/Infection/Addiction:
Pic from the yarn harlot's website.
And what pathetic amount of will power I posses was shattered into a million pieces.  I MUST KNIT THIS NOW.

So I went home and dug through my dye rejects pile and found this combo:
Color Affection
Mulled Wine, Chartres, Sea.  LOOK HOW PRETTY.

I love it.  I cast on with the Sea thinking that I wanted the blue to be the primary, the variegated to be the stripes, and the Mulled Wine to end up as the edging:

Time to start the stripes!  #knit #knitting #destinationyarn #coloraffection #sockyarn #shawl
I knit and knit and knit and knit and I'm finally at the stripes:

I'm losing confidence in my color choice for my Color affection.  Not sure it's contrasting enough.  Help?  #coloraffection #knit #knitting #destinationyarn #shawl #park
We're obsessed with the park these days.
And.... I'm not loving it.   It's just not contrasty enough:

Color Affection

I didn't realize when I cast on in the heat of the moment that I would be striping with just the blue and the almost completely blue variegated.  I was picturing the stripes more like the ones on the hat:

Color Affection
Stripe comparison.
The next sections stripes all 3 colors but this part makes up a good chunk of the shawl and I'm just not feeling it.  But it is pretty....

Color Affection
But is it as pretty as the hat?

So I'm basically struggling with the following options:

1.)  Restart with the Mulled Wine as the primary.  If I really don't want the blue to be the edging then you I knit that part with the Wine, too.   Or not.  But either way it's dumb to spend hours on something you're Meh on.  FROG IT AND START OVER.

2.)  Seriously, are you insane?  You're going to frog both a hat and HOURS worth of this shawl?  Because "you're not feeling it?"  What is wrong with you!  It looks lovely.  The wine will look lovely on the border.  JUST KEEP KNITTING.

3.) Cry.

What do you guys think?

Color Affection

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