May 22, 2012


I"d like to say that I handled this whole Color Affection debacle with a little grace and patience.  But really it went down like this:

FINE.  Everyone on the internet is right.  I have to rip it out. *storms off in a snit*

I actually took the whole mess to my knitting group for some ripping moral support.  Because noone should rip out that much knitting without some backup.

Our master ball winder helped me and at the end of the night the whole blue shawl was wound into a lovely blue ball:
Color Affection Take 2
Matt went out on Friday night so I put the kids to bed, put on some terrible television that he would never approve of (Grays Anatomy why can't I quit you?) poured myself a big glass of wine and started again.   The Mulled Wine part went pretty quickly:
Let's try this again in Mulled Wine.  #coloraffection #knit #knitting #destinationyarn #sockyarn #yarn
And I wonder why my knitting is always covered in dog fur.

But then I hit a bit of a snag in that my stitch count was off and I had to fudge some things.  Seems that knitting in a snit and wine don't mix even if it's just basic garter stitch.  Good to know.  The payoff was worth it, though:
Color affection
Not even two stripes in and already it's clear...
You guys were so, SO right.

Color Affection Take 2
I love this shawl now.  The combo is exactly what I wanted.  Mostly contrasty with bits of similar colors to tie it together:

Color Affection Take 2

I seriously love it.  And I"m almost back to the magical place of being back to where I was before I started ripping... and I can't wait to see what the next part with all 3 colors looks like:
Color Affection Take 2
Must. Knit. Faster.

Thank you so much for bringing me back to my senses.  It's never worth it to put this much effort in and not have it be amazing.

Color Affection Take 2
I think this qualifies.

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