May 30, 2012

Group Sponsor Love for May!

So this is a new thing at Life in Cleveland.  During the last week of the month I'm going to do a sponsor love post.  Just a quick thanks to the people who wanted to be on the sidebar for the month! 

This month's Large Sponsors are:

Chocolate Mints in a Jar Patterns:

I am so happy that Yasmin wanted to be a sponsor because her patterns are lovely!  You can check them all out on the Chocolate Mints in a Jar Ravelry pattern page.  I think the Shabak Shawl is my fav:
Super pretty.  And I LOVE that it's knit out of DK weight!

Although if I knew how to crochet (read: if crocheting didn't end in tears for me every. single. time) I would totally make this:
She blogs about her crafting at The C Side or you can follow her on twitter (@Jessyz) and be her friend on Ravelry (Jessyz)

Hammersmith Design:

Angela is a good friend of mine and is a UC educated graphic designer (one of the best schools in the country).  She works from home now while raising her two little boys.  Her stuff is top notch and if you live in Cleveland I'm sure you've seen her work.  Most recently she did the graphics for the Hooley.  So if you are looking for a graphic designer her email is !

I was also fortunate enough to be able to swap buttons with the following blogs:
Tico and Tina
Little Mudpies
The Fontenot Four
Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama
Absolute Mommy
Paisley Boulevard
Untagged Seeds
Three Years Down
Little Homemade Housewife
My Beautiful, Crazy Life
The Dreamy Meadow
Jany Claire
An Unstyled Life

I've had a great time swapping with them and have discovered some great blogs this way. 

Want to get in on the fun?  There are lots of Sponsor spots available for June!

Note:  I'm still working out the timing of all of this and how it will work out with the rolling start of the passionfruit ads.  If I didn't include your ad in this post it will be in the June group sponsor post.
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