May 9, 2012

Instagramming a Sock

WOW!  My SITS day was a complete success!  Thank you so much, everyone!  And Welcome to my new followers!  I'm still going through and responding to all of the comments. It's taking a bit of time to get back to everyone but it has been SO much fun meeting so many new bloggers!  I'm very much looking forward to following everyone back.  Yay for support!

In other news the Derby/Shower weekend was a complete success.  Recap post coming as soon as I sort through all of the pictures.  I'm a bit overwhelmed.  So how about a simple not-quite Wordless Wed Post:

Wordless Wednesday: Instagramming a Sock:

I love these 9x9's of knitting progress via instagram (another one is here).  Such a fun, quick way to really see a project grow.  This was just a plain old basic sock knit out of Destination Yarn in the colorway Chartes Cathedral.  It has been my "waiting for the pot to boil" knitting since January.  I love the center pic of the kids in the bath while I'm knitting.  I pretty much worked on these anywhere and everywhere that I could!

Thanks again for making my SITS day such a success!!!!

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