May 21, 2012

Ohio Blogging Association All State Blog Swap.

Ok first of all thank you everyone for your thoughts on my Color Affection Shawl!  I have made a decision and a big post about that is coming tomorrow.  But today something really cool is going on - The Ohio Blogging Association is having a blog tour!  Everyone who wanted to play along was assigned a guest post partner.  Mine is Lilia from Lilia Write Now.  So I'll go ahead and turn things over to her: 

Jeanne and I decided we were both going to blog on the same topic: Why blog? So here's my take.
When I first started blogging, (at Planet Positive) I was going through a few tough things. More than anything, I wanted someplace to put down my thoughts. My blog was like my online journal. I type faster than I write. Plus, it was a great way to share what I was going through with those nearest and dearest to me without having to have uncomfortable conversations. Things started looking up and the subject matter in my archived posts was too personal to share with the world at large at that time. So I decided not to blog there anymore and switched the blog to private. But, I still wanted to write. I needed an outlet for two things: my need to write; and my need to express my sarcasm. So I started a new blog, the one referenced above. And there are some posts in there that I really enjoyed. I enjoyed writing them and I enjoy reading them after the fact, and when I go back and revisit them after some time has gone by. I like when other people read my posts and get it. You know, really get it. And I love when people comment and can relate.

What I don't like? Feeling like I have something hanging over my head. The pressure of keeping up with my blogging. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have millions of readers hanging on my every word. But, I see all these other delightful bloggers frequently tweeting links to their latest blog posts. And, I feel like Such. A. Slacker. Speaking of the lovely ladies of blogging (that sounded like G.L.O.W. gorgeous ladies of wrestling reference), now that I have opened up my world and interact with so many of these girls on Twitter, I also feel like I have to somewhat censor myself. I leave you with this question: whether it be twitter, facebook, or blogging, how do you figure out how to draw the line between censorship and being your authentic self?

Thank you for reading, and if you liked what you read, or would like to read more, hit me up at: Blog: Lilia Write Now Twitter: @lilialipps Website: Indulgence

Thanks so much, Lilia!!!  Great question about censorship and authentic self.  It's a tricky thing, that. One I'd love to hear everyone's take on.  Anyways for the full listing of blog swap participants, please visit Poise in Parma today. 
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