May 24, 2012

Speaking of Amazing...

4 things that are Amazing.

1.)  My brother ran the Cleveland Half Marathon on Sunday:

Great day for a marathon! #clemarathon

 My little girl and I went to root him on:

Super proud of him!

2.)  The water table (affiliate link): American Plastic Toy Water Wheel Play Table

Water table!!!

Those pictures were taken literally HOURS apart and it was still amusing all 3 of them:
HOURS later and the water table is still entertaining all 3of them.

I see us playing with this toy a ton over the summer.  I just have to figure out how to keep the dude from attempting to climb into it.

3.)  I'm in my friend's wedding on Saturday.  We're going to Kentucky just Matt and I for the weekend.... and I'm not freaking out about it at all.  I dunno what's different from last time.  I think just the fact that I just left the kids and they were perfectly ok.  So I'm pretty sure they will be alright again this time.  Plus I know the expectations at grandma's house are different - the kids aren't going to miss me because they don't expect me to be there.  And I'm really looking forward to seeing all of my out of town friends!

Pro tip, though.  If you're in a wedding it is NOT a good idea to wear a tank top outside all day working in the yard in an attempt to get a tan for your very tan-necessary dress.  Sounds like a flawless plan though, right?  Until you also wear gardening gloves.  All day. Oops.

Even helping me in the yard is a fashion moment.
The Girl's "help mommy in the garden" outfit.  Everything is a fashion moment.

4.)  Life in Cleveland's Facebook Page is thisclose to 100 likes.  I might even be there by the time this is published this afternoon.  I don't know why this is so thrilling for me but I'm Jessie on Caffeine Pills excited about it:

So if you want to help me out with that please like Life in Cleveland!  I promise I won't spam your feed with a bunch of nonsense.  I really only ever post updates there when I update here.  Just another way to get your Life in Cleveland On.

What's super fun is while googling for that image I found a side by side comparison of the Glee drug use episode vs the Saved By the Bell one.  Which is perhaps the most unnecessary thing I've ever found on the internets. You're welcome.
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