June 16, 2012

Indians Social Suite.

So my my home team and first sports love the Cleveland Indians are doing this amazing thing called the Social Suite:
The Indians Social Suite is a one-of-a-kind social media experience providing attendees both stunning views of the on-field action and the ability to network in their own private, Wi-Fi enabled suite.
It's been called the coolest thing going on in baseball and after last night's game I'd have to agree.  It was a perfect night for a trip to the ballpark:

Great night for a ball game!  @indians #indians #socialsiite #baseball #happyincle
Tribe Game
Tribe Game
Plane/Helicopter things in town for military week.

 And the view from the suite is fantastic:

This. @indians #indians #socialsuite

I was especially excited to be able to go take my husband to the Indians vs. Pirates game since we all know his sports affiliation:

Tribe Game

The Social Suite is full of surprises and perks for attendees.  Last night we got to meet Gary Bell and Joe Azcue both former Indians Greats:
Photo courtesy of @indians
Matt had fun smack talking football with Gary who apparently is a Cowboys fan.  And we had a nice time just relaxing and enjoying the game together:

#happyincle #baseball #indians #socialsuite @indians

When the game was over we were all taken down into the bowels of the stadium:

Tribe Game
We saw some of the players' kids being led down this hallway.
Before this happened:

Tribe Game
holycrap we're going onto the field.
Tribe Game
Seriously we're on the field!
We're on the field!!! #socialsuite #doesnotsuck @indians

And my 18-year old Indians fangirl self died of jealousy.  We even got to see the Military band up close:

Tribe Game

Before heading to the visitor's dugout to watch the fireworks.  The dugout that Matt's team had been in literally minutes before.  The dugout that still had some equipment in it:

Tribe Game
That smile?  Is why I wanted to take him to this game so badly.

Tribe Game
I love this photograph (and this guy) so much.
I took about a bjillion photographs of the fireworks trying to get the perfect shot:

IMG_3644 copy
IMG_3646 copy
IMG_3643 copy
I think I nailed it:

IMG_3641 copy

Thanks so much to Erin Parker and Anne Keegan for all of their work on the Indians Social Suite!  It is a truly fantastic and unique experience.  So glad to see our team using social media!

How about one more shot for the road:

IMG_3604 copy
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