June 12, 2012


So.  Wow.  A whole lot of life hit us this week.  Matt got slammed at work so I got to fly solo on the parenting thing:

Frosting cupcakes.  #kids #cooking
Pictured.  What happens when we're unsupervised for too many night in a row.  See Also:  whatever will keep them occupied holycrap.

Right at the time when I was dying like a mad woman getting ready for WWKIP day on Sunday:

At hardesty park in Akron for World Wide Knit in Public day!
All while our house was going ka-blooey.  No, really.  Boom goes our HVAC system.  All of it.  Sigh.
This water table is worth it's weight in gold.
This water table is worth it's weight in gold as a kid distraction while I deal with all of this life.
And in case I haven't mentioned like a hundred times already... the Dude is climbing EVERYTHING IN SIGHT:
I turned my back to weed. #sob #stopitkid
Silly mommy thinks she can weed while I"m outside with her.  HAHAHAHAA.
On top of a table eating crayons. Aka why I can never turn my back even for a second.
I left him for 2 minutes to get dinner started... sigh.
At least he's cute:


So that was all very... fun.  I'm still playing catchup - haven't even blogged about Sarah's wedding 2 weeks ago! - but I''m starting to feel a bit more on track.  At least it no longer looks like an episode of hoarders around here.  And we have clean pants again.  So... progress!  I do have to wonder what the contractors I've been parading through think of all of the yarn.

Yarn bling.  #yarn #destinationyarn #knit #handdyed #knitting #etsy
It's so sparkly!  Do you like it random furnace repair man? No?  Maybe the plumber will...

One more kid pic for the road. 
Wow I love these two.
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