June 20, 2012

Wordless Wed: Summer Vacation Dress and 2 Years.

The dress is the Summer Vacation Dress (basic shirred dress using elastic thread) and I made it for my daughter in July of 2010.  Photos on the left were taken July 2010.  On the right June 2012.  What a difference two years makes!

Made Sundress 2 years later

Made Sundress 2 years later

Made Sundress 2 years later

Made Sundress 2 years later

back2 copy

Some details (ending the wordless wed part now):  The dress is the most basic Summer Vacation Dress.  No armhole cutouts or anything like that.  Just plain old elastic thread shirring. I used ribbon for the ties and was super excited that the orange ribbon lined up with the orange stripes in the fabric:

072610 054
Her hair was so short!!!
The hem I used is detailed in the Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt pattern. 

072610 060

I don't remember all of the details of the first photoshoot now but there was some drama with her shoes.  She wanted to wear her red shoes but I didn't think that they matched the dress and wouldn't let her.  She basically spent the whole shoot crabbing at me about it before walking to the door and demanding to be let inside to get her shoes.  Looking back I think it's hilarious.  Not that a 16 month old was so opinionated about shoes.  I think it's funny that I tried to have an opinion in any of her clothing whatsoever.  Especially her choice of footwear.

072610 033
Put these on my mom!
Now I know better.  Kid wears what she wants to wear.  The reason I was even able to do this little comparison is because she decided that she wanted to wear a dress today, used her stool to reach the rack in her closet, looked through the whole thing giving me the rundown on each dress, finally picking this one.  Which she then outfitted with her clear jelly shoes (the pink ones don't match, obviously) a fabulous rhinestone neck-a-lace, and a pretty slamming bag:

Made Sundress 2 years later
I made the bag, too.
When did her legs get so long?  When did she turn into this kid?  Although I suppose the main difference in the two years that span between these pictures is this guy:
IMG_9068 copy
I hate any and all shoes.  No matter what they look like.
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