July 23, 2012

I blame pintrest for the following nonsense.

So.  My entire family is battling some sortof strep throat like thing, we're still car shopping, my color affection is still not over, and I have no idea what to do for the Ravellennic Games.  Things are generally a mess around here.  So how about a post about my nails.

Wait, what?

Yeah.  I blame pintrest for this nonsense that has been happening around here:

Serious nonsense:

Such nonsense
I don't even know what I was trying to do there.  This one, however, is competely the fault of my 3yo:

We match!  #nails #nailpolish #kid

Although the sparkly accent I blame on pintrest.

Essie Tour de Finance with an accent coat of Strobe Light on one nail.
My daughter picked out the sparkly color and told me that she needed to paint her nails sparkly before we went to the pool because sparkly nails would help her swim like a mermaid.  Obviously.  What can I say.  Kid knows how to put together a look:


But the thing is.... all of this nonsense is better then the alternative.  You see I chew my nails.  Really awfully.  And for my entire life my hands have looked like this:

OOOH it's BAD.
Recently something snapped.  I didn't want my hands to look like that anymore.  I wanted them to look like all of the crazy fun manicures that pop up in my pintrest stream.  That was two months ago.  Now my nails look like this:

That is the longest my nails have ever been.  Ever.  In my entire life.  So while it may not look like much it's a pretty big deal for me.  So yay for pintrest for finally motivating me to stop with the chewing!  I still have no idea how to make a sock bun work, though:

Pintrest made it look so easy!  Sigh...

I'm linking up with a Mani-Monday party.  Because why not.

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