July 30, 2012

I Suck at Nail Art Sparkly Nails.

So you guys.  The Olympics are in full swing and I'm rolling on my Ravellenic Project and yet I'm going to post about my nails again.  The response I got last time was so much fun so let's just go with it.... Remember to link up with my Ravellenic Social Media Link Up to share your projects!

So I tried another pintrest inspired manicure the other day.... All I wanted to do was paint the tips silver.  Seemed simple enough.  Plus I wanted to go to bed so I thought this would be a quicker option than full on painting them.  Yeah...


I suck at nail art.

So I decided to try to fix it by doing the whole sparkly nail gradient thing I've seen all over pintrest lately.  So next I painted a coat of Sally Hansen Strobe Light that went almost to the bottom of the nails but not quite:

Then I did another coat that started about halfway up from the last one.  Then one more coat of sparkles just on the tips.  Finished the whole thing off with a quick top coat and the end result is this:

Another pint rest manicure of nonsense. I like it!  #nails #nailart

I love it!  And the manicure lasted almost a full week.  That's a crazy long time for someone who once the nails chip goes back to chewing them.  Also it took less time than actually painting them would have.  Totally a win.  I will definitely be doing this again.  To sum up here's what I used:

Sally Hansen in Strobe Light,  Essie Good to Go Topcoat, Beyond Perfect by Sally Hansen base coat, Finger Paints Key to My Art.
Yay for fancy nails!

I think I"m going to have to figure out how to not suck at nail art, though, considering that I showed NO restraint at the Sinful Colors 99 cent sale at Walgreens last week.  I went 2 nights in a row and took my daughter with me once.  Which means I have something like 14 new colors.  Which is more than double the total nail polish I owned up until that point.  Which also means I can now do things like this:
Yay sinful colors!!! #nails
Sinful Colors in Mint Apple with a coat of All about You over top.

Yeah letting my 3yo pick out colors means that I have some random that I would never pick for myself.  But I"m embracing it. And that manicure lasted 5 days showing no wear!  Amazing for such incredibly cheap polish.  I ended up taking it off last night because I was bored of it not because it needed redone.  Now I think I'm going to try to go bare for a few days as the ultimate test of if I still chew my nails... we shall see....

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