July 26, 2012

Ravellenic Games.

So.  You guys.  The Olympics start tomorrow!  Which means the Ravellenic Games start tomorrow!  And.... I still have no idea what I"m doing.  We're about 24 hours away from cast on and I'm FREAKING OUT.  And maybe need some second opinions or a glass of wine or something.

Because I really wanted to do another Fiberman Triathlon.  I loved the idea of dying, spinning, and knitting.  I even had a pattern picked out and the fiber purchased and ready to dye.  But I've been training and I have learned that a spinning wheel and a 15month old toddler DO NOT MIX.  Seriously it's a disaster.  Trying to spin with him around is and exercise in frustration and woe.

Plus, honestly, it's a million degrees out there.  I have no desire to touch wool in a million degree weather.

So.... I got nothing.  I've been stressing about this all week... and I just... I don't.... I need to get over not being able to do what I planned and move on.  And I'm having issues with that.

So I've spent an insane amount of time cruising Ravelry for ideas and here's what I've decided so far.

I will be using Silk Road - the Destination Yarn silk yarn.  I won't be dying it during the games but it will be my handdyed so that makes me feel a little better about the situation.  And I don't think you can feel bad knitting with something so luxurious.  Not possible.

Silk Road

I haven't decided what color yet.  But that's another issue.

Silk Road
Probably this?  Or maybe Daiquiri - a bright pink color?
I want to knit a lace shawl.  The yarn choice kindof drove that decision.  Plus I think a one-skein shawl would be a challenge but not an unattainable one.  Part of being realistic about the whole thing is that I need to acknowledge that I am in a different place than I was for the last Olympics as far as other commitments go.  I can't just ignore everything else and knit for two weeks solid.  Sigh.

I want it to have beads.  Maybe lots of beads.  I'm realistic but this is still the Olympics.  Let's raise the bar a bit shall we?

I want it to have pointy bits.  So many of the shawl patterns I've looked at remind me of the gothic architecture in London.  Like this:

So that's the imagry I'm going with in this shawl.

On to the options!

1.)  Quite Continental by Boo Knits:

Love that it's a crescent shape.  Love that the diamonds would be easy to memorize.   But I'm not sure it fits my Gothic Architecture imagery...

2.)  Fragile Heart also by Boo Knits:


That lace looks like Gothic arches to me.  Perfect.  But I think I like the previous shawl better...

3.)  Lyrica Euterpe by Romi Hill:

Lyrica Euterpe

Yay on the Gothic Arch lace - love the circular to triangle shape.  But the picot cast off of the previous shawl is just so pretty....

So.  What do you guys think?  1, 2, or 3???  Help?
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