July 14, 2012

Vacation… All I ever wanted, Vacation, had to get away!

So before we went on our Accidental Vacation my friend Lori Beth offered to write a guest post for while we were gone.  And then the accidental part of the vacation happened and it all kindof fell apart.  She still wrote it and this is still a good read.  So we'll put it in the better late than never file.  Oh I added the pictures because I can't handle a post with no pictures:

The Life in Cleveland Clan has gone on vacation.  And while Jeanne is away she has graciously allowed me to be a guest poster on her blog.  So thank you.  Let me introduce myself, I’m Jeanne’s Maid of Honor, a title I’ve taken as a lifetime appointment.  As Maid of Honor – 6 years post wedding – I don’t really have many duties, save for planning trips, picking out the white wines and summarizing the TV shows our friends don’t have the time to watch.  I watch a lot of TV, I could call it my hobby but that makes me sound sad.  So for the purposes of this post let’s pretend I have a job as a TV critic/blogger to make me sound cool and hip.

Her job is never done.
Jeanne suggested I talk about True Blood… but I think we all know that I’m gonna talk about the fine programming on ABC Family.  Here’s whyI can’t stop.  I might need to join a group or something.  One that doesn’t exist on the IMDB message boards for 90s child stars trying to make a comeback.  I’m very close to removing Secret Life from my DVR list, but I think you all know me better than that.

This weekend ABC Family is playing The Count of Monte Cristo 2 times a day along with the Prince of Persia and the Pirates of the Caribbean.  ABCF likes to do this – find movies they think fit well together and then play them as a “marathon” all weekend.  I guess these have been paired because they are all a “swashbuckling good time.”  Did you miss the Prince of Persia at 8pm on Friday? Don’t worry, catch it again at 2pm on Saturday, or 10am on Sunday.  And every time it will be an “ABC Family movie event.” I mean, how can it not?  Have you seen those special effects?

Oh and in case you missed “A Walk to Remember” when it was popular, don’t worry, it’ll play on ABCF in about a month paired with “The Notebook”.   Oh, and you claimed to have only seen “A Cinderella Story” once?  You’re lying.  That movie comes on all the time, and you watch it every time.  Because right after that plays “Another Cinderella Story”, and you love to hate that movie.  Ever wonder what happens to Paige after she agrees to marry Edward after the Prince & Me?  Don’t worry there’s 3 more “Prince & Me” movies to fill in those details, and ABCF will be playing a marathon soon I’m sure.  Probably as a runner up to the new ABCF original movie, “Prince & Me 5: Heiry Situation”

 Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch it… I will.  It’s the sacrifices I make for my friends.  Did I pretend I didn’t want to see Step Up 2 the Streets? No, I bought the DVD.  Have I seen all the Center Stage sequels – of course.  Do I watch all the original programming on ABCF, including Jane By Design? Yes.  If it’s a movie with a Princess plot, I’m there.  Dance movie, do you have to ask.  Has the plot already been done by Saved by the Bell – yes please.  I watch these shows and movies because, it’s not just a hobby, it’s my job. 

Thanks, LB!  Although I still think you should have posted about True Blood.  If only so that I had an excuse to include this:

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