July 9, 2012

A Vat of Dye and Some Fireworks.

So.  Wow.  I didn't mean to disappear mid story there.  But once things were straightened out with the car (It's totaled.  We're screwed.) I immediately fell into a vat of dye getting ready for my show at River Colors on Sat:

There was a hole in my glove.  #blue #handdyed #yarn #handpaintef
At one point literally.  There was a hole in my glove.
 It was a great show - there was even a goat:

There's a goat at river colors!
Loved the goat.
A good selection of Destination Yarn including sparkly yarn, Silk Road, and my Olympic colorways will be at River Colors all week!

Olympic color ways!  #yarn #london #knit #knitting
Olympic colorways - Five Rings, London,  U.S.A.

Paris looks pretty snazzy in the new sparkly yarn!  #yarn #knit #knitting #destinationyarn
The new sparkly yarn looks fantastic in Paris!

In other news I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July.

Couldn't have a full day of dying on Independence Day without doing this!  #yarn #knit #knitting #nofilter #fourthofjuly
U.S.A.  Had to do it.  I might knit my Olympic project out of this yarn.

Our Fourth celebrations were dampered a bit by the Lakewood fireworks cancellation.  Serious boo to that.  Although we did learn that years ago they were cancelled one other time.  And that my brother - probably in some state of inebriation - stole the giant (think 6' x 3') wooden CANCELLED sign from the park.  It's still in my parents' attic.  The things you learn.

Starklers!  #fourthofjuly

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