August 10, 2012

LeapFrog Touch Magic Alphabet Bus.

So today I have a really neat product to share with you guys.  The Leap Frog Touch Magic Alphabet Bus:

This is part of a new line from LeapFrog:
Touch Magic, a new product line from LeapFrog, brings intuitive touch technology to preschool toys for the first time. Combining fun, learning and creativity, Touch Magic learning toys recognize every tap, touch and swipe to bring each product to life!
 I think this photo sums up how my daughter feels about this fantastic toy:

Leap Frog Touch Magic

Yup.  Here are her thoughts:

Me:  Do you like the new toy?
Her:  YES!
Me:  Why do you like it?
Her:  Because it has lots of songs and I can dance and really show off all of my moves.  See I press this and then I can kick and kick and kick and spin!
Me:  Which part is your favorite?
Her:  I like the penguin because he's my buddy.
Me:  Do you like the letters?
Her:  I do but there's a lizard by the G and I"m not sure that works, really.
Me:  I'm pretty sure that's a gecko.
Her:  Oooooh.  Ok.

I actually really like this toy - which is saying alot because I usually am not a fan of anything that makes noise.  First of all the technology behind it is really neat.  The toy itself is completely flat:

Leap Frog Touch Magic
So it feels like a smartphone or a tablet.  Perfect for kids growing up with and used to that type of technology (my daughter can work my phone better than my husband and does not understand why the laptop screen isn't a touchscreen.)  Also the interactive flat surface makes it super easy to clean.  No buttons to get gunky or stuck or for the kids to break.  And it's also very light - even my 15 month old can carry it around (although his sister usually won't let him).

Leap Frog Touch Magic
Playing the piano and singing along to "wheels on the bus"
But what really makes me excited about this toy is that it doesn't just tell them what the letters are  - but also what sounds the letters make.  My daughter is currently obsessed with reading.  She pretends to read ALL THE TIME:

Pretending to read a chapter book.  #harrypotter #read #book

And she very much knows what all of the letters are.  But she's not totally clear on what sounds they make or how they go together.  I think this toy is going to help her alot with this next step towards actual reading!

Leap Frog Touch Magic

Finally there's a couple of features that I as a parent love.  The quiet setting is actually quiet.  The songs aren't annoying or overly midi-tune esque.  And there is a power button on the front.  Most toys have a plastic slide thing that only the parent can work on the back.  This has that, too, if you want to completely shut it down.  But the power button on the front means that when she's done playing with it she turns it off  (it also powers off automatically after a period of inactivity).  So if it gets bumped or accidentally touched it doesn't start singing at you from the toy box.  Awesome.

This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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