August 2, 2012

NBC Sucks, Knitting Rocks.

So first of all the Ravellenic Games Social Media Link up is still going on!  I've very much enjoyed following all of the people who linked up.  So many fun knitters out there working toward Ravellenic Gold!

So I started a whole post about how upset I was about the Olympic coverage and how terrible it is.  But you know what?  Just go read this:

NBC Should Be Ashamed of Bob Costas and Last Night's Interview of Michael Phelps

That pretty much sums up how I feel.  Oh and there's also this:

Amazing omission on NBC's fault.  Especially considering they elected not to show us amazing footage such as this:
Their complete shock at watching the Floor World Champion fall.  Instead we just got lots of images of them crying afterward without the full context as to why.

However even that is not quite as glaring as the fact that we've seen exactly ZERO still rings performances.  To put it in perspective: Imagine if they didn't air 1/5 of the superbowl instead showing Ryan Secrest having dinner with one of the players.  Pretty ridiculous and awful, right?  And yet that's exactly what happened last night:

This was not shown on their coverage.  Even though this routine led to Danell Leyva's amazing comeback from a pommel horse disaster to claim a nearly impossible Bronze Medal for the USA.  Screw you, NBC.

I could go on.  And on.  And on.  But I'll stop there and move on to something that I am not frustrated with at all:

Let's do this.  #ravellenicgames #knit #knitting Decisions decisions...... #ravellenicgames

I decided on the Fragile Heart in the Daiquiri colorway.  You guys I am LOVING this shawl.   I've been trying to live post my daily progress via Instagram which has been a fun exercise in watching it grow:

Finally getting started. #ravellenicgames Day 1 #ravellenicgames progress.  #knit #knitting Time to start the lace! #ravellenicgames #knit #knitting #teamtwitter I think the purple was the right Decision. Thanks for all the input!!! #ravellenicgames #knit #knitting #teamtwitter End of Day 2 progress. #ravellenicgames #ravellenic #knitting #knit First lace repeat done! #ravellenic #ravellenicgames #knit #knitting Not sure what this super floss stuff is supposed to be used for but it is the perfect tool for adding beads to #knitting #ravellenicgames #ravellenic Just a progress shot. Feeling like a gold might not be possible... #ravellenicgames #knit #ravellenic

At this point I'm almost through the second lace repeat.  Which I believe is about halfway through.  I have a pretty strong chance of getting a gold!

Progress pic.  #ravellenicgames #ravellenic #knit #knitting
I love this picture, and this moment, so, so much.
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