August 6, 2012

Ravellenic Games Social Media Link Up Take 2!

So you guys we are halfway through the Ravellenic Games!  I am.... not really at the halfway point yet:

This lace stuff is sloooow going. #ravellenic #teamtwitter #ravellenicgames #knit #knitting #shawl
And considering that my rows are as long as my to do list I'm not really sure that I'm going to be able to get it done in time.  Especially since this week I'm deep in the dye pots getting ready for the Destination Yarn Trunk Show at KNOTS this Saturday:

Rinsing out my last batch if yarn for the day. #yarn #knit #knitting #sockyarn


I'm dying again tonight and tomorrow so if there are any specific colorways you'd like to see me bring please shout out in the comments!
Yarn drying in the line.  #yarn #knit #knitting
Pittsburgh drying in the sun.

So yeah... I wish I had someone to yell at me and motivate me to reach beyond what's possible for Ravellenic Glory...

But since Bela Karolyi seems to be otherwise occupied I"m relying on the motivation of other Ravellenic Competetors.  You guys I have been so impressed by what you have been doing!  It's so much fun to follow along with your progress!  To keep the support going I'm reposting the Ravellenic Social Media Link Up!

Only this time Mindi from Simply Stavish is posting it, too!  She's a Knitter fresh off a trip to Blog Her and Sparklecorn (SO JEALOUS).  Her blog is fantastic so I'm thrilled that she wants to play along.  So if you add your link here it will also be posted to her blog!
Mindi's Ravellenic Project: The Providence Hoodie from the Book New England Knits in Tess Designer Yarns

Yay for Ravellenic support!

Ravellenic Games Social Media Link Up:

1.)  You can link to any social media site except for Ravelry.  So your blog, twitter feed, a podcast, facebook page, vlog, instagram, whatever you want.  However there are a whole bunch of amazing and awesome ways to search for participants within Ravelry so this is not for that.

2.)  You can link up THREE of your social media sites!  Yes THREE! I"m linking to my blog, twitter, and Instagram because I think that's where I will be most active in showing off my Ravellenic project.

3.)  Please follow/like/subscribe to at least a few other participants in the list.  The whole point of this is to follow along and support each other throughout the games!  Plus I'd love it if you followed me, and Mindi too...

4.)  If you want to grab a button and let others know you are participating:

Ravellenic Games Social Media Link Up
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Ravellenic Games Social Media Link Up"><img src="" alt="Ravellenic Games Social Media Link Up" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Let the Games begin!!!!

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