August 14, 2012

Ravellenic Gold....Nails?

So Sunday marked the end of the Ravellenic games.  I.... well.... it was a photo finish.  On Sat I had the Destination Yarn Trunk Show at KNOTS:

Still at KNOTS for a little while.....

Where I got to meet a whole buch of awesome knitters including Mary:


Then on Sunday when I should have been focusing solely on my Ravellenic competition instead I went to the zoo to visit my homies:

My homies. #merino #wool #yarn #knitting #knit @clemetzoo
Merino sheep. Their wool made all of the yarn pictured above.
and feed some Lorikeets:

Lorikeets!  #clemetzoo @clemetzoo
Yeah.  It was worth it:

photo.JPG Animal watching at the Cleve Zoo! @clemetzoo #zoo #happyincle

So Sunday night I knit like a madwoman to reach the finish line exactly 2 minutes before the close of the games:

Finish line!!!!!!!! #ravellenic #ravellenicgames #knit #knitting
The finish line is surprisingly dog covered.
It was intense.  But it's blocking now and will be photographed/blogged soon.  Until then how about some Olympic nails?  Wait, what?  Yeah apparently it's a trend.  There's even a CNN article about the athlete's nail art.  Very cool.  So I tried out some for myself:


Yup.  I still suck at nail art.  And not only was my USA themed manicure ruined by my craft-with-a-p (which spells crap) execution but also by the fact that I unwittingly painted a french flag on my fingers:

DUH.  I mean....  go France!
Then I just went with a bright, bright purple to match the stadiums:

My crazy bright purple nails match the #olympics It wasn't an accident.  #nails #fingerpaints #nailpolish

And now I'm rocking some Gold.  Because I earned it.


Anyways tonight I will be at the Northcoast Knitting Guild's LYS night with lots of pretty yarn.  Hope to see you there!
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