August 24, 2012

The Day Joy Came Back.

So last week I was helping my kid pick up her room and we were putting away all of her Duplo's.  I told her something along the lines of "these are your daddy's favorite toy.  Somewhere in this house he has a whole box of Legos.  Maybe next rainy weekend you guys can get them out."

Yeah.  He hadn't even made it in the door before she was telling him this:

"It's raining out a little bit and I think maybe we could get out those blocks you have somewhere."

So then this happened:

Busting out all of Daddy's Legos. I think Matt has waited for this moment for a decade at least. #lego

And this happened:

Not sure who is having more fun with this... #lego #happy

And a whole lot of this happened:

Legos are awesome

I had to forcibly remove the two of them - meaning my husband and daughter - to come eat dinner.  And then again at bedtime.

Legos are awesome
Legos are awesome

Matt described opening up his Lego collection as "The day Joy came back"

Legos are awesome

I'd agree.  So now the Legos have completely taken over our dining room.  The table has been relegated to our main building surface, and we're currently working on a giant waterfall with two castles.

This is serious. #lego #addict
Sunday afternoon when both kids were trying to nap we... kept right on building.  With lots of mocking of each others' building abilities.  Funtimes, indeed.

The kids have been asleep for an hour. We are still doing this. #lego
"I'm not mocking your buiding abilities.  I'm mocking your decision making process." - Matt on my AWESOME vehicle.
Unfortunately once you have kids you can't ignore everything else and get sucked down the vortex of modular plastic.  We ended up needing to go out just to get the kids some food.  Of course after we were 2 Margaritas Happy we thought it was the best idea in the world to stop at Target on the way home just to see what they had:

These would be what was left of our Margarita pitcher poured into our children's cups so that we could bring them home for some drinking and lego-ing.  Best. Idea. Ever.  Also I brought mine with me into Target.
The kids LOVED it:


We showed some restraint and only came home with one very small princess duplo set for our daughter.  She hasn't opened it yet but I think it should be possible for her to read the instructions and put it together with a little help.

I also have a feeling that Santa is going to be very good to her Lego-wise.

Legos are awesome

The joy is back.
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