September 28, 2012

Playskool Ball Popper Replacement Balls.

The surtitle of this post should be How to make a kindof ok toy FILLED WITH AWESOME AND WIN.  But that seemed to take up too much space...

So for my daughter's first Christmas she got one of these.  The Playskool Busy Ball Popper:
I think just about everyone in her age group got one that year.  There was a target coupon or something.  I'm fuzzy on the details.  And they must still be selling them b/c I've seen them at tons of my friends houses.  Knowing how ubiquitous this toy is I had to share this amazing with you.  Here's how to turn this thing up to an 11.

STEP 1:  Lose some of the balls.  Ok that's not really a step but we've all done it.  Ours was down to 3 balls.  I think the dog killed one. So the toy was kindof meh.  And also just REALLY LOUD for no reason.

STEP 2:  Fill out this form:  Hasbro Replacement Ball Popper Parts.  Which is your key to unlock the magic.  If you are like me you will use Jeanne logic while filling out said form and instead of merely ordering 5 new balls you will order 20.  Ahem.

STEP 3:  Wait a few weeks.  Completely forget that you bothered to do this in the first place.

STEP 4:  The balls arrive in the mail!  Yay!


Now my husband opened the package and used similar logic as I employed when ordering.  Which means he wanted to see what happened when we put in ALL OF THE BALLS.

This is obviously the best idea ever.
STEP 5:  Awesome and Win and Hilarity and SO.MUCH.FUN.


Yup.  Best Idea Ever.
IMG_6127 copy
IMG_6128 copy

I'll let the smiles speak for themselves:

September 25, 2012

Rosby's Berry Farm - a Fall Tradition.

So yesterday we did something that has become one of my favorite Cleveland fall traditions.  We went berry picking at Rosby's Berry Farm:

Raspberry Picking

I love this place.  So do my kids:

Raspberry Picking

Probably because it combines two of a toddler's favorite things.  Berries, and baskets:

Raspberry Picking

The kids got to hang out with their grandma:

Raspberry Picking

And nonni:

Raspberry Picking

And Papa nonni:
Raspberry Picking

And when I cut the dude off of berries out of the basket for fear he would explode he figured out pretty quickly how to get them from the source:
Raspberry Picking

Raspberry Picking
Although I think he liked watching the big trucks as much as he enjoyed eating the berries.  Dude is truck obsessed these days:

Raspberry Picking
I think everyone had a really nice time:
Raspberry Picking

Plus we ended up with something like 7 quarts:

Raspberry Picking

Which meant that I was able to do this:

Raspberry PickingRaspberry PickingRaspberry PickingRaspberry Picking
(the pic on the left is before adding sugar.  the one on the right after.  I had no idea what a difference in color it would make!)

I've never made jam on my own before.  I did it once with my mom but then it was pretty much just following her instructions.  I was a little nervous since I generally suck at things you have to measure precisely (aka anything involving following directions).  But it turned out holyshit good.

Lookie what I made!!!! #jam #raspberry #happyincle #yum

And my cans all popped:

Raspberry Picking
Such a satisfying sound!  It will be nice to have homemade raspberry jam to eat all winter.  And just for some bonus fun how about a couple of pictures from last year's raspberry picking that are so awesome I can't stand it:

Raspberry Picking 2011

And last year's group shot:

Raspberry Picking 2011

My kids are growing up fast...  One more for the road.... a berry hat comparison:

Berry Picking Raspberry Picking

First pic is my girl two years ago.  Second pic is the dude now.  Crazy how time flies!

September 21, 2012

Color Affection.

So you guys I actually finished my Color Affection Shawl:

Color Affection

I cast off for it literally minutes before the start of the Ravellenic Games.  Then I didn't block it until a few weeks later:

Reason no 8,526 why u have the most tolerant husband ever. Blocking my #coloraffection on our bed. #knit #knitting  #yarn #shawl
Pictured:  Blocking my shawl on our bed.  Aka Reason #8,567 why I have the best husband ever.
Blocking it was kindof a pain.  I used my basic blocking techniques but the shape of the shawl is a bit wonky.  It's much longer and less deep than I expected it to be.  That, however, is my only problem with this amazing shawl:

Color Affection

Seriously it turned out so, so pretty:

Color Affection

The stripes!  The colors!  The garter stitch!

Color Affection

Actually I lied.  I have another complaint.  The last few rows of garter stitch are for-ev-er.  Also WORTH IT:

Color Affection
The yarn is all Destination Yarn (my handdyed yarn company).  The colors are Mulled Wine, Chartes Cathedral, and Sea.  And while there were some issues with color selection in the beginning I am so, SO glad that I went with this combo:
Color Affection
My mom was helping with this day's photoshoot (I've mentioned before her mad photo skillz) I was happy for the help...

Color Affection

But...This would be my "seriously, mom" face:

Color Affection

I've basically been wearing mine constantly since the weather has changed.  And when I get bored in the preschool pickup line?  I instagram it:

So many stripes!  #coloraffection  #knit #knitting #handdyed #sockyarn #destinationyarn
Anyways if you want to make one of these lovelies yourself - and even in these exact colors - Soft 'n Sassy is offering a Color Affection Class tomorrow from noon to 2.  And it's free - including the pattern - if you buy your yarn that day!  Perfect since I will be there with piles of Destination Yarn will be there for a trunk show from 10-5.  And I?  Am bringing the pretty:

So much to do before sat's trunk show!  #yarn #destinationyarn #handdyed
It's fall on my dye pots!  #fall #autumn #handdyed #yarn #knit #knitting
Hope to see you there! 

September 19, 2012

The First Day of School. Ever.

So!  Lots going on - Vacation!  Trunk Shows!  Finished Projects!  But.  I'll get to all of that later.  Because today was a very important day.  Today was my daughter's first day of school.  Ever.

First Day of School

She started today at a local preschool as part of their 3 day 3 year old program.  We've been talking about it with her ever since we decided on a school back in January.  Today was finally the day.  She was SO EXCITED:

First Day of School

No, really.  She was up at the crack of dawn and bouncing off of the walls.

First Day of School

I ended up throwing them in the car about 20 min early just to get her to calm down for a bit.

First Day of School
Putting makeup on in the car.  Wonder where she learned that behavior from.
She was one of the first kids there - we actually waited outside for a few min before the teacher opened the door.

First Day of School
Her school bag is a Brave bag because it has her picture on it.  Wait.
And as soon as she did my kid took off running.

First Day of School
Pictured:  the cloud of dust where my kid used to be.
Um... ok?  I mean not only was there no drama or tears or woe but SHE DIDN'T EVEN SAY GOOD BYE.  No, really.  Not a wave, not a glance back.  I mean... I was flabbergasted.  That was not what I expected. 

First Day of School
Pictured:  Someone who is confident, excited, and totally does not need their mommy anymore at all.
And while it tugs on my heartstrings a bit to be cast aside so quickly this is what she's been preparing for.  I just didn't quite realize she would be SO prepared.

First Day of School

The dude and I headed out for some one on one time:

First Day of School
Really, mom.  A doctor's trip?  With shots?  Preschool sucks.
Before braving the pick up line:

First Day of School
First time waiting in a carline.  Aka what the next many years of my life is going to look like.
I am happy to report that she was very glad to see me.  Smiled and took my hand all proud.

Reunited with her Main Kitty after her first day.  #happy
Her Main Kitty was in the car waiting for her.
She talked about school a little bit but it was really just little pieces.  She's got an entire life now that's all her own.  And her world just got a whole lot bigger.

But she did tell me one very important thing:

"I like school."

First Day of School

I am so, SO proud of her!
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