September 21, 2012

Color Affection.

So you guys I actually finished my Color Affection Shawl:

Color Affection

I cast off for it literally minutes before the start of the Ravellenic Games.  Then I didn't block it until a few weeks later:

Reason no 8,526 why u have the most tolerant husband ever. Blocking my #coloraffection on our bed. #knit #knitting  #yarn #shawl
Pictured:  Blocking my shawl on our bed.  Aka Reason #8,567 why I have the best husband ever.
Blocking it was kindof a pain.  I used my basic blocking techniques but the shape of the shawl is a bit wonky.  It's much longer and less deep than I expected it to be.  That, however, is my only problem with this amazing shawl:

Color Affection

Seriously it turned out so, so pretty:

Color Affection

The stripes!  The colors!  The garter stitch!

Color Affection

Actually I lied.  I have another complaint.  The last few rows of garter stitch are for-ev-er.  Also WORTH IT:

Color Affection
The yarn is all Destination Yarn (my handdyed yarn company).  The colors are Mulled Wine, Chartes Cathedral, and Sea.  And while there were some issues with color selection in the beginning I am so, SO glad that I went with this combo:
Color Affection
My mom was helping with this day's photoshoot (I've mentioned before her mad photo skillz) I was happy for the help...

Color Affection

But...This would be my "seriously, mom" face:

Color Affection

I've basically been wearing mine constantly since the weather has changed.  And when I get bored in the preschool pickup line?  I instagram it:

So many stripes!  #coloraffection  #knit #knitting #handdyed #sockyarn #destinationyarn
Anyways if you want to make one of these lovelies yourself - and even in these exact colors - Soft 'n Sassy is offering a Color Affection Class tomorrow from noon to 2.  And it's free - including the pattern - if you buy your yarn that day!  Perfect since I will be there with piles of Destination Yarn will be there for a trunk show from 10-5.  And I?  Am bringing the pretty:

So much to do before sat's trunk show!  #yarn #destinationyarn #handdyed
It's fall on my dye pots!  #fall #autumn #handdyed #yarn #knit #knitting
Hope to see you there! 

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