September 3, 2012

Last Weekend of Summer Recap.

First of all Congrats to Amy on winning my Writers Center Stage Giveaway!!!  I sent you an email with info on how to pick up your tickets!

So!  I had a bit of a break there from the social medias.  I need that every once in awhile to clear my head...  And now I'm in that place where I have SO MUCH to blog about that I'm once again super behind.  So how about a quick Last Weekend of Summer Recap.  List style:

1.)  My fantasy draft was on Friday night.  And.... yeah I'm pretty convinced my team is going to be TERRIBLE this year.  We drafted at a bar and my internet wasn't working on my laptop.  So I downloaded the draft app literally seconds before my first pick.  Things dissintegrated from there and I was basically just picking blindly based on names.  So that should end well.  Meh.  I still had a fun night out with my girlfriends so we'll call it a win.

2.)  On Sat Matt took the kids here:

The new atrium at the Cleveland Art Museum.  I apologize for the picture quality but my husband has a cell phone circa 2007.  Someday I will be able to convince him to upgrade.
It was supposed to be so that I could work to get ready for the upcoming Destination Yarn show at Soft 'n Sassy - and also finsh up a few custom orders.  But instead it was so that I could deal with a particularly awful migrane.  Haven't been knocked down by one of those in awhile.  Did not enjoy.  The atrium, however, sounds extremely cool.  As the girl would tell you:

"I thought I was outside but I was really inside.  But I kindof still think I might have been outside.  A little."

Sounds like the exact design goal of an atrium!

3.)  Sunday night we took our daughter out to Blossom to see the Cleveland Orchestra for the first time:

First trip to Blossom

 It was awesome.  The program was Broadway Hits which included "Belle, Ariel, and Lion King!"  She was thrilled.  Loved all of it.  From the picnic dinner to the sparkly dresses on the singers.

First trip to Blossom

 There were even fireworks afterwards:

Watching the fireworks after the concert. #happyincle

 And I know Laura would have approved of the program:

First trip to Blossom
Seriously how excited am I for the Les Mis movie?  I feel that I should warn whoever I go with that I will probably sing.  And ugly cry.  Can't wait!

4.)  With one of our kids at the grandparents and the other EXHAUSTED from the concert Matt and I had a little alone time.  Which means we stayed up way too late doing this:

It's 1am and my husband and I are still doing this.  #geek #notashamed #happy   #goingtobednow #lego
5.)  Today was the last day that the pool was open for the year.  We snuck out for an hour and soaked in that last little bit of summer (and watch the Blue Angels fly overhead):

Last day at the pool. Had a great summer of swimming!

Tomorrow night is the preschool beginning of the year parent meeting.  Summer is officially over.
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